How to Plan for a Perfect Baby Shower Party?

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

First thing which comes to mind hearing the four magical words, ?We?re having a baby?? is of course a baby shower party.
The baby shower party is a great way of expressing the importance of the event as in a very perfect manner ? Congratulates?, the expectant parents and also conveys ?We?re happy for you,? or ? Best Wishes.? Baby shower party is sharing of happiness among the expected parents, Friends and their relatives.

Baby shower parties are organized usually at the last months of pregnancy, hosted by close friends or relative, where the main aim lies to boost the parents-to-be excited for the future member of the family. To make the baby shower party a memorable event, it requires careful planning to ensure one has a great time at the party. Though there not much rules to follow for a baby shower party, but the following tips might also be of great help.

Choosing the right place

Keeping the expected mother?s health in mind, mostly baby shower parties are conducted at the parent-to-be?s house. Where guests find themselves more comfortable at home, which usually among closet friends and family members. If the weather permits baby shower parties can also be organized outdoors, wherein a barbecue party or a party at the local park can add-on to the excitement of the expected parents.

Though organizing a baby shower in a reserved secluded area like bar or restaurant might be costly, but it is of less complications as the decoration, food and drinks with the post-party arrangements are already been taken care of.

Choosing he party?s theme

Re-creating the mood of the expectant parents with the help of a theme to decorate the venue appropriately according to the taste of the expectant parents, which can be their favorite hangouts or movies. Or the recreation of their honeymoon spot, can be easy and a great idea.

As the whole idea is to welcome the baby, a childish atmosphere using bright colors and cartoon characters depending on the baby?s gender can be created.

Finalizing the menu

A lot depends upon what time the event to be held and the taste of the guests. If in case a party is thrown at the lunch or the dinnertime, usually heavier meals will be served. Whereas in most of baby shower parties the host usually serves pastries, finger food and other bake foods for convenience.

Designing a fun program

Just to refresh the guests child hood memories conducting fun games such as dum-charades would be a great idea, which is usually contrary to people beliefs for a baby shower party to be limited to mingling around eating, drinking and gift giving.

Creating the guest list and send out invitations.

As the baby shower parties are the parents? events and not the host, so the choice of the people also kept in mind before hosting the party. Where list of closet friends and family members of the expectant parents? is prepared with their approval to avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

Homemade invitations would be a good choice and give a personal touch, though ready-made baby shower invitations are readily available in the market.

Just to be organized, prepare a final list of attendees a few days before the baby shower. Make sure the invitation reaches the guests two or four weeks ahead giving them time to fix their schedule. The baby shower invitation would consists of date, time, place, attire preferred, gift registry, if any, the host?s contact numbers for RSVP.

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