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Posted by Rex Martin on July 7th, 2017

If you are reading this that means you already know a little bit about medical marijuana concentrates, however here we will share the information which you are not aware of in general. A regular consumer knows all the types and what does the word concentrates refers to but not all. Normally these concentrates are often chosen because of the higher THC content than the hash products.

The process includes extraction of THC through some or the other type of solvent, and the most common solvents are butane and Co2. We all know there can be a possibility that some of the solvent remain in the extracts which lead to the popularity of Co2 extraction process, as Butane is quite harmful for the human body.  It is also believed that the marijuana oil offers cancer cure, although the facts are yet to be confirmed from the authorities.

Here are the types of concentrates you will find the market:

  • Oil: it is said that the oil has the ability to string when dabbed. It is a sticky; honey like substance is quite popular among the young generation. If you don’t know then let us tell you that it is the same oil which is used in vape pens like open vape and a lot more.
  • Wax: As the name suggests it is not something which is melted in heat, it is more like earwax as it shows the same characteristics and consistency. “Wax is created by whipping hash oil during the purging process.” Consumers say that it is easier to handle wax in comparison to the oil, irrespective of the fact that they both have same THC levels.
  • Shatter: Shatter is nothing but more of a refined version of BHO. It includes multiple steps in the extraction. The type received its name because of its ability to shatter if you break a piece in spite of the fact that it looks like a cake. The cannabis cancer cure is also available in the form of shatter.

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