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Posted by Ryan B on July 8th, 2017

Web EminenceThis is the age of the internet and email marketing. Under such circumstances, it pays for any business enterprise to have a domain name of its own. Should a business enterprise have only domain or should it go for acquiring multiple domain names? We shall see the modalities involved in this acquisition and look at the benefits of doing so. 

At the outset, let us make it very clear that it is perfectly in order for a business enterprise to have multiple domain names. No law in the world restricts the same. Let us now see the various types of domain names doing the rounds today. The most common ones are the .com, and the .net. The lesser known ones are the .org, .info, .edu, and so on.  

What is the need for having multiple domains when one domain should do the job for you? This is a valid question. There are reasons why business enterprises like to have different versions of their domain names. 

Protect your brand and identity: Let us take the example of the famous car manufacturer, Hyundai. They own the Hyundai.com domain. Naturally, they would like to protect their brand and obtain the Hyundai.net and other domains as well. They would definitely not prefer some other company benefiting from the use of their brand name. This is one principal reason why businesses prefer to buy multiple domains. A big corporation like Hyundai would not mind paying the fees for acquiring these multiple domains as long as they do not fall into the hands of others. Smaller business might not have this luxury of buying multiple domains.  

Easy to remember email domain: Many companies prefer to have the full name of their company as part of their domain. However, it could be irksome for the same person to use such a large email domain. Hence, one can opt for a shorter domain specifically for email purposes. If the name of your company is say Bugs Bunny Plumbing Co, would you like your email domain to include the name of your company of have a short one like stopleak.com.  

Easy to find: This will be easier for you for advertising purposes as well. People can type the world ‘stop water leak’ on their search engines while searching for plumbing jobs. You email domain stopleak.com might just catch their attention. Hence, it is easy for people to find you.

Smart tip for choosing multiple domain names:

We shall share one simple tip. If you are looking for an alternate website domain name, it makes sense to purchase a name that matches with the established companies in your niche. People might just mistake you for them. This is one way of gathering leads. Now, it is up to you to close the deal. You can do so by offering the best services so that the customer does not feel the absence of the established company.  

We do not guarantee that this tactic works every time, but it is certainly worth a try.

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