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Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

The Non-Toxic Beauty Products industry is now booming. It used to be that there was a stigma behind people whom wanted to be more health minded. They were and possibly still are called names like ‘tree-hugger’, or ‘health nut’, by folks that I guess you could say may be closed minded, or afraid to break out of their comforts.

Surely we all have our comforts, and it is widely understood that human beings are creatures of habit, but you have to look at our elders and the types of lives they lived. What they ate, what kind of lifestyles they lead. Baby boomers and the generations the preceded them were all subject to marketing campaigns that were fresh, new and exciting. They saw a wave of products that promised better health and vitality. The industrial revolution single handedly changed the way we consume things. New products started emerging, and not much data behind them. Things were so new at that time, people were very gullible and believed most things they heard and saw. Before TV made it’s day view in America in the late 1940’s, people consumed most of their news and entertainment via newspapers and radios. Radios particularly would have live theater programs like ‘The Lone Ranger”.

These radio programs would have commercial breaks just like TV shows have now. The difference was that the people listening were so captivated by these new forms of entertainment, that they would pay even closer attention to the commercials and what they were selling. The ‘Tabaco’ industry was a heavy hitter in these days when it came to marketing their product. They would say things like; “more doctors agree that Camel cigarettes are the best choice in Tabaco.” It was very much a wild-wild-west type of marketing. Not very much policing going on, and little to no independent studies being done on much of the products and claims they made.

Smoking was looked at as a sophisticated thing to do. If you watch any episode of ‘I Love Lucy’, you will notice that when they would socialize, cigarettes were a part of the affair. Both men and women wore fancy garments, and you would see these people congregating in luxurious supper clubs. Fast-forward several decades, cases of lung decease and other types of cancers started to pile up. Deaths and illnesses prompted independent studies on Tabaco use and it’s long-term affects. This industry saw a huge shift in new laws that would govern and prevent them from misleading people with bogus claims and how they marketed their Tabaco products.

Today, beauty products are widely used by all kinds of people. Just like Tabaco, cosmetics saw a shift in who and how they are consumed. Cosmetics were never looked at as something that could be harmful, very unsuspecting. I would even say that even to this point, there are a great deal of people that are not aware of the types of harmful ingredients that go into most of the popular brands they use. Because the skin can absorb most of anything through it’s pores, whatever you put on it will be traveling through your bloodstream and over time manifest it’s harmful effects through different types of illnesses.

Lets take ‘Gray Hair Concealer products’ for example. As you may imagine, this is a huge industry. Doing some research on this, I learned that the (European Union) EU

had banned twenty-two different types of commonly used ingredients that go into making hair dye. In fact in a commission report done over a decade ago found that most if not all the hair dyes that were tested were not deemed to be consumer safe.

Pretty startling if you ask me. I am how ever not surprised and of course here in the states most of anyone can be bought, so getting products on the shelves are not too far fetched in this case. If you look at the giant companies behind these popular brands you can easily see how they may afford to drop a suitcase full of cash to anyone that is standing in their way. It happens on a daily; even those fancy “Certified Organic” labels are easily bought these days. For us the consumer, we are left with the hard task of reading labels and trusting in what these companies claim their products have or don’t have. It’s definitely frustrating, you want to eat and do the right thing for yourself and your family.

I like many, am concerned with my appearance and always want to represent myself in the best light. However, I will not compromise my health in the process. Thankfully I haven’t started to go gray on the top yet, but I’m sure in due time I will.

When I do, you can bet that I will look at all and every kind of “natural” or ‘chemical free” gray hair concealer. Luckily for you guys, Generation Klean has a wonderful 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo that not only is free of Parabens, PPDs, Sulfates and a whole slew of other kinds of harmful ingredients we want to stay away from. The shampoo not only cleans your hair, but it’s also a fill-in powder that immediately covers any bald spots or areas that have thinning hair. It comes in four different color shades.

Here in Los Angeles it’s been a favorite for a lot of celebrity makeup artist and salon stylist. Generation Klean has been featured on ‘Good Day LA’, ‘The Doctors’, and many other TV shows that cover products that are health minded and of course quality based.

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