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Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

No one ever beats father time. You see him sneak up on you rather smoothly and prod at those old football injuries that you know as a nagging pain in the back, knee, or whatever else has you limping around. The smell of menthol may be familiar to you, as it becomes a go-to ally along with your Tylenol or Advil’s.

This formidable opponent we should definitely embrace because lets face it, there’s no getting around it. Sure those nagging aches and pains are indicators that our body’s recovery time is not quite what it once was, but what about in aesthetics?

How did you feel the first time you saw a gray hair show it’s face? Well, if you are like me, you were certainly mortified. That definitely was a big revelation and kick-started the thinking on mortality, aging and all those fun existential thoughts and questions that love to revel in our minds throughout our lives as we get over the hump of what’s more commonly known as “a mid-life crisis”.

After you swallow that sour pill and have accepted the fact that the white hair was not an anomaly, you will find yourself thinking how to manage this moving forward?

As if getting gray hairs wasn’t bad enough, now you have to figure out what products out there will best work for you and your lifestyle. There are so many products out there promising to cover the gray areas, with natural looking shades of color that will fool your barber or hairstylist for that matter.  Great, how do I pick one out? There’s the old trial and error way of doing things, try something until you find what works best for you. This mostly is the way to go since everyone is different, not all products will have the same effect and people’s expectations vary.

Price; this is key too because our finances are not all the same, buying quality gray hair concealer products that don’t brake the bank is tough. Most supermarkets / grocers will carry your basic line (L’Oreal, Revlon, Clairol, etc.) of affordable hair dye’s, mostly directed towards the female population, but what if you are a guy? It’s like walking the isle of shame, sifting through hair dye boxes looking for a men’s gray hair cover you feel good about.  

Lastly but not least, how safe are these gray hair concealer products to begin with? Great question! Turns out, not very safe at all! We are one of several few countries that irresponsibly put products on the shelf that have been shown to cause cancer when used regularly. You would scratch your head at that thought, and even ask yourself how does this slip by the FDA and other agencies the “police” quality and safety on the types of products that hit the shelf. The reality and short answer is bureaucracy. If you are a giant player in the world of cosmetics you can certainly buy your way onto a shelf. Shelf space is very competitive out there and these companies will fork out millions of dollars every year to ensure that they indeed have the lion’s share of the best and most coveted shelf space.

That leaves everyone else in the less desired areas of the shelves at the stores. Especially any brand that is promising to give you the desired look without using the harsh and harmful chemicals that the big dogs use. The amount of money that is used to prevent these types of products from getting the proper visibility for people to make a healthy decision is staggering. That’s why it is so difficult to find a men’s gray hair concealer product that are not only affordable, but relatively safe for you to use on a regular basis. These products that offer a healthier alternative are not easy to come by, especially if you are a busy person trying to juggle a schedule and possibly a family. You would have to go to a ‘Whole Foods’ type of store to find something that will offer this type of consumer safe product. At this point you will now be faced with the supply and demand reality, which will typically mean a hefty price tag. These prices may skew some since ‘Amazon’ just recently purchased ‘Whole Foods’ and are looking to be a competitive player against other giants such as ‘Wal-Mart’. This will benefit the consumer, so lets cross our fingers.

There is a great line of products being offered by Generation Klean, which was created by one of the owners that had a small cancer scare. She changed a lot of things in her life that may have been contributing to her diminishing health. As a woman and someone whom uses beauty products often, the one obvious place to look at was cosmetics. She began doing a lot of research and was floored on the amount of harsh chemicals that went into the production of creating a lot of the very well known products she loved to use on a daily. She made it her mission to develop and create a small line of GMO free cosmetics, that she could share with both men and women that want a healthy and safe alternative.

In regards to gray hair concealer products, they have a great product for both men and women. They call it ‘Gray Disappear’, it’s similar looking to a mascara wand, but it’s used for your hair and works great as a men’s gray hair cover too. It comes in six different color shades and of course it is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Glycols.

Check them out and give yourself the opportunity to discover a line of products that may work for your lifestyle.

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