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Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about salads and broccoli, there’s a mindset to it. The act of treating your body right, is understanding what it’s trying to tell you. The body is the most magnificent creation we have thus far, cars and computers are great but the human body is such a complex organism, it can actually heal itself in most cases. The environment, exercise, your eating habits and nutrition are key.

For example, you may be consuming bread that you may feel is healthy, like wheat. I would say that over 90% of all of the bread you find on the shelf in your favorite grocers are made with enriched flour. Enriched flour is exactly the opposite of what that sounds like. What is happening is that someone decided to remove all of the natural minerals and vitamins from the flour, in order to give the bread a leaner texture, as well as a longer shelf life. 

This is just one example of the numerous practices that are used by a lot of manufactures to maximize their dollar. They create the illusion of ‘good for you’, nutritious products with fancy creative labeling, and more than half the time we fall for it. They take advantage that most of Americans are busy trying to provide for their families and don’t have the time to read the finer print. The sad part is, most of the politicians, the people we vote to guide us and represent our best interest understand this. Do you actually think they feed their families ‘enriched flour’ bread? You’d have to be naïve to think so; these people are shopping at grocers that offer healthier alternatives, brands that cater to people educated about foods.

It doesn’t help that the cheaper foods are the ones that are genetically modified, and the (organic) food that is actually providing nutritional benefits are more expensive. The more and more you think about this, the more upset you become. You would be inclined to think that this system we have in place, is intentionally made to make people sick. It all begins in our schools, if you pay close attention, you will notice that the kids are eating foods that are filled with Hydrogenated oils, and all kinds of GMO’s. Not mention the amount of sugars that are consumed in sodas, and “fruit-juices”. Fruit juices are a wolf and sheep’s clothing type of a beverage. You would imagine that if your kid is drinking some orange juice they are getting some vitamins. Well sorry to tell you but unless that orange juice is being freshly squeezed you are drinking orange flavored drink. There’s nothing nutritional about it, in fact you would be consuming just around the same amount of sugar found in some cans of soda pop.

Switching gears here, lets look at body care products. You may apply lotions, perfumes, facial makeup and anything topically. Like in foods, GMO’s are found in cosmetics too. The companies that are manufacturing these products have gotten wiser over the past several years and have taken notice how people are slowly becoming more and more educated about the things they are consuming. The race on releasing non-toxic beauty products to the market has already begun, but access to them isn’t that entirely easy yet. GMO free cosmetics are not that prevalent, you still have to go to specialized markets, boutiques and health stores to find them. Even then, you are not guaranteed that those items will deliver up to your expectations. Especially if you have been using traditional products which cost less and do seem to do what they say they do. Problem is, they are literally killing you.

So, experimentation is key here. I too used to consume traditional beauty products such as deodorant. As you may or may not know, traditional deodorants have aluminum, why is aluminum bad? Well, aluminum based compounds found in most antiperspirants block sweat ducts and inhibit the body from perspiring. When your body can’t release some of the toxins, those toxins find their way into other areas where they concentrate and can over time become cancerous. So I did try a lot of antiperspirant brands that offer an aluminum free alternative. Most of the ones I’ve tried really fell short of keeping me smelling fresh. Of course everyone’s chemistry is different and not all deodorants will act the same with every body type.  For me, what has proven to work is the ‘Kiss My Face’ brand. It’s a roll on deodorant and as long as I apply it once a day, it will keep me smelling relatively clean. 

I’ve started to get a few gray hairs here and there around my beard.  For guys the more commonly known men’s gray hair cover product is ‘Just For Men’. But unfortunately, Just For Men isn’t a part of the non-toxic beauty products that I could recommend.  If you like the thought of using tar, coal, petroleum, as a part of your regimen, then by all means please use it. If you’re like me, and health is of most importance, then look no further then Generation Klean. They have a small line of GMO free cosmetics. In regards to men’s gray hair cover, they have a wonderful little wand called ‘Gray Disappear’.  It literally looks like a mascara applicator, but it definitely is NOT that. Not only can you apply this product to your beard, but also you can use it to touch up the gray areas on your head. It comes in 6 different shades and of course is non-toxic.

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