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Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

In the spirit of Independence Day here in the States, we’re going to touch on Gray Hair Concealer Products and how we may emancipate ourselves from terrible hair days that have us losing our once beloved color but possibly our confidence too.

Getting older sure has its many wonderful things, like gaining all this knowledge that is so invaluable. Knowledge that we use to help us make decisions that would otherwise have us taking uneducated guesses rather then confident, informed decisions. Beauty and or vanity in our society, is a big part of how we interact with one another. How people choose to engage in business and with whom they do business with, has a lot to do with your appearance.

If there are two people that are in the bidding process for a particular job, and one of the two appear to be more attractive, the more attractive one will in most instances get the job. People tend to gravitate towards pretty things; the same way kids or children for the matter are attracted towards shiny objects.  Now, this is not to say that it doesn’t go the other way around too cause it does, but more times then not it sways towards the latter. Is this right? No, obviously it’s not right and fair to a person that is more qualified for the job but again; our society loves aesthetics.

Just as balding is a major blow to the ego of any male, getting gray hair can also be very disturbing to anyone, especially if this person may be young and getting gray hairs has prematurely shown it’s face. Some people may embrace gray hair and that is fabulous. In fact, you are ahead of the class if you do. Concealing gray hair can be frustrating, so if you can wear the gray well you are winning.  I know we touched on confidence and how people are more likely to hire someone younger, more attractive, but other studies have shown for some females to be attracted to older males that are in great shape and walk with confidence. This is because if you are a strong looking alpha male that is lets say 10 years older, this shows strength in your DNA composition which females would want to have for their potential offspring.

Lets face it, not all of us have the time and or energy to hit the gym to stay physically fit. Work and other pressing matters of life come in between that for a lot of us. So, being one of wild kingdoms vigorous leading elder alphas may not be in the cards.

Lets look at reality here, we do need to be somewhat physically active, so what to do? Well, I like to take certain opportunities to add times where I can sneak in something active that will give me a little bit of exercise. For instance, if you are taking a trip to the grocery store to lets say, buy yourself some gray hair concealer product, park furthest from the store entrance to give yourself some walking distance. If you need added motivation, buy yourself a fit bit. This is basically an electronic device used to capture your heart rate and the many steps you’ve taken for the day. Looking at this, gives you a challenge of sort. You can use this fit bit to push yourself and get some added motivation towards your physical well being.

So now you are at the store and it’s time to pick a gray hair concealer product. How to go about that? Well you have to take in several factors in this process. For one, you may be on a budget and need something that will do the job but not break the bank. Well there are numerous of products out there that are cheap in price but come with an even more deadlier health tax. So many products out on the market are made with a lot of chemicals that influence cancer. Take for instance petroleum; did you know that a lot of popular well-known brands use petroleum as one of their ingredients?  Yes it’s true, the same chemical that is used to make the gasoline you power your cars engine with. Scary right! Yeah, I was in utter disbelief when I found out of this, plus many other egregious elements that are used to make those hair dies out there on the market. The good news is that there are some ethically conscious companies out there. One of those companies is Generation Klean.

The founder started the company when they had a cancer scare, basically looked at everything that they consumed topically or orally for that matter and investigated on how these things were made. She was shocked to find that one of the more egregious things she used was her makeup. A lot of women wear cosmetics on a daily so you can imagine how scared she was to learn that most of all of her cosmetics were actually hurting her. She noticed that there was a lack of cosmetics offering GMO free versions of their beauty products. This prompted her to start a small cosmetics line that was geared towards people whom wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. Generation Klean does have a gray hair concealer product that they call ‘Gray Disappear’. If you were looking at it at first glance, it would look like the wand that you would typically see in a mascara bottle. ‘Gray Disappear’ is actually made for both men and women. It is indeed a free of: Parabens, Sulfates and Glycols which are most commonly found in a lot of major Men's Gray Hair Cover out there. ‘Gray Disappear’ also comes in 6 different colors, washes out with shampoo and is rich with Antioxidants, Vitamins and natural waxes. You can purchase Generation Klean’s ‘Gray Disappear’ directly from their website, and what’s best is that they offer Free shipping.

Check them out and feel good about supporting a company that is actually ethically conscious in their products.  You can visit them at:

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