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Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

After this summer with the Pacha’s Pajamas team, Chase will be a junior at San Diego State University. She is studying sociology and hopes that she can impact society. By helping us share the messages about global warming and climate change, her internship is bringing her closer to that goal.

Chase came on board with the team because she understands the message of the environmental children’s story and sees the potential for Pacha to grow. She is mainly working on the Connected Dance Challenge, which is a global and widespread initiative to show that we are all connected, even including plants and animals. Besides helping children understand how delicate the natural world is and the importance of protecting it, connectedness is another key message in Pacha’s Pajamas.

Working on the Connected Dance Challenge, Chase is tasked with finding partners and really anything related to dance.

“It’s an opportunity to connect groups,” said Chase.

Finding partners for the program is an exciting task for her because being from the Bay Area, she is reaching out to local names she is familiar with and connecting with them to help spread a positive message. After the program launches, more people in the world will be connected!

The challenge launches late June so stay tuned for updates and find out how you can also take part in the program! Chase will be with us all summer so she has done lots of work in preparation to kick off the program and will hang around to see the progress.

There is also the technology aspect of Pacha’s Pajamas, since it is an animated children’s book integrated with augmented reality. It is a new and important development and there are many roads including a series for Pacha and more augmented reality children’s books. The stories also embody the values of BALANCE’s founder, Dave Room, and that is another aspect that brought Chase to be part of our team.

Chase is inspired by Dave’s purpose and the passion that he has to make the world a better place for his daughter. There is a great opportunity that Pacha’s Pajamas can have a say in the next step for literature - encouraging others to make more use of technology and be ambassadors of positive messages.

Some of her previous experiences include working with an nonprofit promoting literacy, which lines up with our hope that children read more! We hope she is getting all the experience she needs with community mobilization and making an impact while working hard on the Connected Dance Challenge.

She is spreading the message of the environmental kids book and also learning from it.

“I learnt so much from the book,” said Chase, “It’s fun, catchy, memorable, it’s the type of story I want kids to read.”

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