Karleen Eberle is a marketing and outreach intern for Pacha?s Pajamas

Posted by Lazar M. on July 8th, 2017

Karleen Eberle is a marketing and outreach intern for Pacha’s Pajamas, an environmental kids book, this summer. She has been offering creative direction and development to the imaginational heals website, our future IndieGoGo campaign for the children's book dance challenge, pajama orders, and the Books to Kids campaign which helps provide children in hospitals with animated children's books.

Karleen is passionate about the environment and environmental children’s books that address issues like climate change and plastic pollution. Pacha’s Pajamas is one of the few children’s augmented reality books about dreaming. The environmental children’s book also inspires dancing with an internet dance challenge.    

Karleen has been an artist her entire life, and has experience in fashion design, product development, and marketing. She grew up on a family-owned farm and loves nature as well as many principles of ecology. This makes her especially passionate about the values of Pacha’s Pajamas as a plants and animals children's book . She has been a yogi for ten years and was able to heal her body of an autoimmune disease natheopagically, which is what ignited her passion for the many values she expresses through her work with Pacha’s Pajamas, a children's dreaming book.

Karleen’s favorite part of the job is being able to work with marketing experts (like Reena Jadhav) to build a logical campaign around BALANCE’s creative vision. She hopes to put her skills to work to build a beautiful website for imagination heals, and help get books to kids off the ground.

If you have an any Query then feel free visit us our website - https://pachaspajamas.com

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