How To Realize "Make In China 2025"

Posted by aries li on July 9th, 2017

The production department of any modern printing company can not rely on a new printing press with a high capacity. It needs to rely on a complete printing standard process to achieve seamless production and monitoring.

1. Familiar with the essence of German industry 4.0

The essence of Deutsche Industries 4.0 is to collect as much as possible all the important "things" inside the plant and the Internet connection, so that management real-time knowledge of the plant's main data information. Specific to the printing industry, is to try to remote and real-time control of the way, effective monitoring, recording the operation of each group of printing presses to ensure that its product quality and productivity can meet the objectives and requirements.

The real possession of advanced equipment and technology, and to standardize the operation of the printing process less than 10% of market share. The fact that these factories can be used without manual finishing can make use of the intranet so that management can always monitor the operation of each group of printing plant is very few. Most of the factories still need to rely on the captain of each press to print the performance of each work order into a report, or QC staff at the scene to take each copy of the operation of the press report to the relevant departments for review. These methods not only rely on manpower, the report is lagging behind, once the report found that the printing quality is not up to the standard, will lose the "disease to shallow TCM" time.

2. Implement real-time monitoring solution

Printing factory managers, as long as a little attention will find that printing equipment, especially testing and management software in the past five or six years has improved a lot, the price also increased due to increased sales and gradually reduced. Just configure the automatic spectral density scanner and scoring and detection software can be the essence of the German industrial 4.0 to play most vividly. Automatic spectral density scanner - to measure the height of the color block is less than 3.5mm is better, otherwise a waste of paper. Scanning speed of about 10 seconds to complete the measurement of a piece of more than 200 pieces of color off the print.

Scoring and inspection software - this type of software can connect and drive automatic or manual optical density scanner, in each scan can be printed immediately after the score to show whether the printed piece with the buyer or factory-set custom standard. If it is found that the print is not up to standard, the software will display the real-time reasons for non-compliance and give corrections instructions. Installation of such software can reduce the degree of dependence on technicians to ensure product quality and increase productivity.

If each press is equipped with the appropriate scoring and inspection software and an automated spectro-density scanner, a central server can be built to monitor each press in real-time and captain's performance, especially for installations in an outward- Factory interior to ensure consistency of print quality.

Configuration of the above equipment and software, can be considered to install online automatic ink control software. The main functions are:

A) pre-ink function - the ink required for each work order to CTP version of the ink range as the basis for calculating the amount of ink, the amount of ink required in advance of the command transmission to the printer's ink key console, so that The initial amount of ink before printing is close to the amount of ink actually printed, reducing the commissioning time for each work order.

B) Closed-loop system - During commissioning and printing, each time a scanner detects a print and discrepancies between the print quality and the target value, the closed-loop system outputs an instruction to adjust the ink key to the desired target value.

It should be noted that the printing press, especially its ink key parts need to be maintained in place, and the whole plant must also be standardized to operate, otherwise it is not easy to achieve the desired results.

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