A Scrapbook Crafts Up Better Memories

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

A Scrapbook is a personal statement about what is important to you. It is your personal style showing through on every page. This is one fun project that lets you tell your history and feelings in your own words. It is a way to bring joy to you and those around you who happen to see your scrapbook.

Scrapbooks can be a very creative way to show off photos and creative layouts. From photos of wonderful vacations to family pictures you are on your way to creating and sharing your personal experiences. Not only is your signature is on this book you enable everyone to share your family through the generations. A scrapbook crafts up better memories with a picture to the past.

Introduction to the art of scrap booking with Creative Photos

Using photos in interesting ways in your scrapbook can be creative fun. You can make them as large as you like. Formal or informal, whatever mood suits you. Creative photos strategically placed in appropriate ways, and then framed or embellished using your artistic talent, turn your pages into a glorious trip down memory lane.

Make sure to get a scrapbook that has a binding that will fit additional refill pages. There are most likely photos you will want to add. Some scrapbooks have CD and storage pockets.Use top-loading page protectors because you want to protect the entire scrapbook page from fingerprints and accidental spills. The photos will then also be safe from wear and damage.

After you selected a theme start looking over your photos to determine the order you want them in. When you organize your pictures by date or event you will have an idea of page number and style. The page layout will dictate the appearance and feel of your entire project.

Use your best photos they are the heart and soul of the book. They link the past and present and record your life experiences. Your décor is the embellishments that you add to these memorable times of your life.

By cropping or cutting your pictures into different shapes, you keep your book from appearing cluttered. It can help you achieve a creative layout. There will be some photos that are not meant to be cut. These probably include older photos that you may not have negatives for.

When matting a photo on card stock you get to choose the color that compliments the picture. The single greatest way to emphasis the effect of the picture is by the mount you use. Resize the photo?s appearance by changing the physical dimensions of the mount. You can create photo collages from selected parts of multiple photos.

Creative photos mean it is not just the photos that standout, but the presentation is the creation. You can turn the photos into gorgeous works of art with ribbons, gift paper, and a stream of artistic talent. Have a unique presentation by finding patterns to print on the mounting of the photos. Then of course you can use an ink pad and stamp and embellish the photos background mount.

A scrapbook crafts your history as no story telling can. The art of scrape booking and the use of creative photos have made many enthusiasts glued to scrap booking.

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