Performance and production process of non burned magnesia chrome brick

Posted by ruizhi refractory on July 10th, 2017

Do not burn magnesia chrome brick to magnesia and chrome ore as raw materials, adding a binder to burn the refractory products, also known as chemical combination of magnesia chrome brick.

Do not burn magnesia chrome brick performance:

Does not burn the performance of magnesia chrome refractory brick china, in addition to particles and fine powder refractory raw materials, but also with the performance of the binder, the number is closely related. Compared with the same material of the firing brick, high temperature volumetric stability slightly less sintering. Before and after the structure of the product and some of the nature of the chemical reaction and fluctuations. High temperature strength has been reduced, but the thermal shock resistance is higher.

Do not burn magnesia chrome brick production process:

Do not burn refractory material magnesia chrome firebrick is a different size of the magnesia and chrome ore in proportion, by adding the right amount of chemical binder, the mixing, molding, drying, low temperature and prepared. Commonly used binders are water glass, sulfate, chloride, phosphoric acid or polyphosphate and other organic binders.

Do not burn magnesia chrome refractory brick manufacturers with iron and not including two kinds of iron, iron package in the product outsourcing a layer of iron, according to the product size made of iron, the mud into the iron box, stamped The Tie and cover are with teeth, through molding, iron into the mud material, in order to improve the iron and the product of the binding force. Iron can also be with iron ditch, clip or insert and other accessories. Production of iron shell thickness of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.3 mm, 3.2mm5 kinds.

Do not burn magnesia chrome brick application:

Do not burn MgO Cr brick for steelmaking furnace side wall, cement rotary kiln firing zone and other industrial furnaces. In the use of the process, the metal and magnesium sand reaction and sintering, strengthening the kiln body integrity, improve the structural strength. There is also a direct package of iron does not burn magnesite chrome bricks welded into a whole, easy to hang, the use can reduce the crack. Do not burn magnesium chrome brick production is simple, energy saving, low cost.

In addition, it should be noted that, because not burning magnesia chrome brick without high temperature firing, brick in the magnesia will occur hydration, so this refractory brick can not be long-term storage.

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