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Posted by connectionsint on July 10th, 2017

Solar panels are latest technology to get the electricity from natural source like sun and it is very beneficial to reduce the electricity bill as well. Solar panels are very useful to reduce the carbon footstep at our surroundings. Photovoltaic or PV cells are commonly used in solar panels to generate the electricity by extracting the sun rays and that electricity can be used for domestic purposes. Day by day the efficiency of solar panels get improved and there are mainly 2 types of Solar heater water available that are photovoltaic panels and thermal panels from which thermal panels are generally used to heat up the water.

Is my home suitable for solar panels?

There are some areas where it can be a problem to install solar panel. However if you wanted to know that if there are chances for solar panel for water heater installation at your premises then this article can help you.

  • Do you have your own home: If you want to install solar panel at your premises then it is required that you own a home. If you are living in a home by paying rent then you will not be eligible to install the system.
  • Do you live in a flat: In case you are living in a mid-floor or basement then you cannot get the benefit of solar energy.
  • Roof of your home faces which direction: If you roof faces south direction then is becomes easy to install the system. However there are some others schemes available in which you can get the system installed in roofs facing other direction.
  • Is your roof in the shade: Your roof should be open in case of solar system installation that means if you want to install solar panel at your roof then it should not be shaded.
  • What is the size of your roof: It would be better if your roof have big space so that it becomes easy for solar panel installation however there are some other options available for different roofs.
  • Make sure there is no problem in your area: There are some areas where you can face the problem of following lots of rules and regulations. So make sure that you would get the permission for installation of solar panel. 

Will there be any problem with electricity?

There will be no problem related to your electricity. With the help of solar panel hot water you will be able to get the hot water without using the electricity. This is a great way as well as effective mode. If there is less production of electricity from solar panel then you can use energy from the network. Solar panels are an option to supplement the energy from natural source and it does not replace your current power. 

However there is a scheme called “Feed-in Tariff scheme” through which you can sell your extra solar energy to the National Grid at agreed rate.

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