Wholesale Amber Teething Necklace ? Best Option for Your Babies Teething Pain

Posted by Radvile Motuzaite on July 10th, 2017

When a baby’s teeth starts to make its entrance, it comes with the usual share of discomfort and pain. Teething is an important stage in a baby’s life and it is equally important to make the transition easier for babies by alleviating pain and discomfort so as to make the experience a lot more enjoyable and cheerful. With amber necklace for baby teething it is possible to see your baby through teething without the pain and discomfort usually associated it. Take a good look at the benefits of opting for amber necklace for baby teething.

Baltic amber necklaces that let out heat to tackle and soothe pain

Worn around the neck, wholesale amber necklaces help to soothe the pain experienced by babies. It works by triggering the release of the right amount of heat from the body which in turn sets off other reactions. The heat that is released in the body of babies then goes on to let out small quantities of oil that actually contain an analgesic, succinic acid. This greatly relieves the pain and discomfort associated with growing teeth.

Naturally occurring analgesic

The greatest advantage of using a wholesale amber teething necklace is the fact that the analgesic effect is generated naturally, within the body. Unlike medication or other substances which need to be administered to the baby, this does not require any administering. The release of oil is triggered naturally by the body’s mechanism and the oil that contains succinic acid does the alleviation.

Adorning babies and offering them a smooth transition

Teething is an important phase in the lives of babies, and this transition may sometimes be a period of discomfort which may make it difficult for parents to cope with. Seeing your baby in moderate pain and discomfort as the teeth start forming is definitely one of the most unpleasant phases of parenting.  With amber necklaces it is possible to offer babies a smooth and painless transition while adorning them with jewelry that are safe and natural.

Drug free and natural

The material that goes into the making of the necklaces are natural and free from any drugs. This makes it an healthy option and does not expose your baby to any health hazards. The amber beads are a natural painkiller tried and trusted by generations of parents. Making the appearance a lot more desirable is the smooth polishing to make it rest softly on the tender skin of babies. As the world looks for natural ways to deal with pain management, amber necklaces offer great relief, naturally.

Amber beads have been used traditionally to treat pain in babies. Long before the advent of medicine to alleviate pain and discomfort, amber beads have been one of the many options preferred for managing pain. They have found their way into beautiful necklace concepts as a progression of past practices that have never failed to fetch results. Amber necklaces offer contemporary sophistication to traditional medicine that has worked effectively and naturally.

About the Company

The AMBEROS is the leading Wholesale manufacturers of Baltic Amber jewelry in Lithuania. They export their top-quality natural Amber products to the retailers and distributors across Australia, South Africa, the US and more. They offer huge variety of Baltic Amber products such as Necklaces & bracelets for teething babies and adults. They also provide loose beads of unique colors and styles. AMBEROS offers reliable business partnership, excellent quality and genuine products, professional service, competitive prices as well as on-time delivery.

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