Understanding your Nmi Electricity Meter

Posted by satecglobal1 on July 10th, 2017

Learning to read your meter can be a skill to gain and it is not at all difficult to get it. When you’ll be able to read it, it will give you the access to monitor your daily usage, also the use of individual appliances to check for the faults and to take action quickly instead of finding the fault in your next bill.

The information will provide the details about Nmi meter, about the responsibilities and the provision of usage.

Identify the meter

Each meter consists of the serial number that is located on the front. Write it down while contacting the retailer especially if you are transferring, moving or the address is difficult to locate.

When the meter gets replaced, the second identifier comes that is called NMI(National Metering Identifier). The Nmi electricity meter gets attached to the address and not with the meter.

Meter reading

In many cases, the electricity distributor reads the meter. It should be read in every three months and the distributor must use their best knowledge to get the actual read at least once in a year. All the readers must carry the identification while accessing the property.

Meter access

Provide the clear access to the meter for the reading of the meter, disconnections, connections, and maintenance. If the reader is not able to access the Nmi meter, the read will be estimated. It is necessary to make the alternative arrangement to provide usage to your meter, the retailer may discontinue the supply.

Do you get the bill for your meter?

The number on the bill should match the number at your home. If they don’t match or any of them are missing, contact the retailer to provide correct meter number.

If the meter is combined with other meters, check which one is yours. Turn off all the main switches and check if the meter you think to be yours stops the usage.

If it doesn’t stop, it means:

  • The meter is not yours. Check with the other meters.

  • Maybe something else is connected to the meter that you don’t know.

  • The meter might be at fault.

Read your meter

If you know how to read the Nmi electricity meter, you’ll be able to keep the tracks of usage and also check that the bills are correct while receiving.

Calculate the usage

The electricity meter records usage in kilowatt-hours. You can also calculate the usage by dividing the days between reads that will give you daily average. This is how the daily usage of electricity listed on the bill is calculated.

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