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Posted by Jvc hk on July 10th, 2017

It is a well acknowledged fact that without company secretary, it becomes complicated and challenging to handle office documents and details. Company secretaries are liable to shoulder varying jobs from managing to keeping record of important office documents. When it comes to HK Company Secretary things are not too different. Here, as according to Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every company even including Hong Kong Offshore companies a secretary is must to have in the governing body.

Learning About the Job Of Company Secretary

  • While enumerating the qualities of a good secretary, the person should be residing in Hong Kong and must be 18 years old.
  • In absence of person a corporate body can perform the role of office secretary but the corporate house must have a registered office situated in Hong Kong and one such renowned corporate house is JV Consultants Limited.
  • This corporate house is known to perform the core Company secretaryjobs such as managing flawlessly all the company records as illustrated in Companies Ordinance, submitting company annual returns to Company Registry, the secretary is also liable to manage all the records regarding the Shareholders and Directors.
  • Lastly filing the proper return to Company Registry is also the duty of HK secretary.

Why JV Consultants Limited Is Deemed Best

  • Referring to above mentioned jobs, JV Consultants Limited performs the secretary role in one of the most brilliant manner.
  • They are dutiful, professional and experienced so no matter how complex the situation is, they wonderfully complete the required task on time.
  • While browsing the site, it would be clear that the perimeter of their service ranges wide. On their site, there is detailed description about what works they perform and how they perform.
  • Moreover JV Consultants Limited helps companies get their legal entities so that they are concluded by Corporation Service Company as properly maintained commercial being.

What Services Are Provided

  • While seeking the best ever Company Secretary Service, JV Consultants Limited helps in problem areas where people mostly are confused, frustrated and lastly disappointed.
  • When it comes to filing the annual return, like a competent office secretary they go on reminding the governing body.
  • Dealing with increasing as well as transferring shares is tremendously difficult and hassle prone a task, but JV Consultants Limited completes it properly, checking all the audited financial as well as management statements and records.
  • These professionals also stand in help when it is about changing the company particulars, which involve changing the company registered office address, Particulars of Shareholders or Directors, modifying the registered name of the company, appointing or retiring the directors.
  • When you are having a Hong Kong Limited Company and seeking for deregistration, this agency renders tremendous help.
  • While performing the duty of a company secretary JV Consultants Limited make sure all the company members are agreed on the point of deregistration, the company has no liability like pending Annual Return fee, Property Tax, Business Registration fee, Profits Tax, Stamp Duty or fines.
  • To the Inland Revenue Department the company has submitted the last audited financial statements that also the professionals make sure before deregistration of the Limited company.
  • When it is about restoration of company stuck off by the HK government, these professionals actively start their exploration concerning the outstanding Annual Returns also the due penalties.

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