What Should You Know About Work Visa For Saudi Arabia?

Posted by Alick Willson on July 11th, 2017

When a person wants to work abroad legally, they will definitely need to get a work visa of the particular country. To get the work visa, one will need to follow the rules and the regulations of applying for the visa of that particular country. There are many hospitality jobs available in the Middle East. To get training and required help, one can contact any Best Agency for Cooks. Those who are looking for these hospitality jobs, they can contact any reputed recruitment agencies India to get the proper help and they can also contact with any reputed chef recruitment agency India, if they want to work as a chef abroad.

This article will take a look at how to get the work visa for Saudi Arabia. There are some important steps that need to be followed and one will need to make sure that they must submit the documents as per requirement, otherwise, it there will be long delays and issues. The work visa for Saudi Arabia is temporary visa and it is quite easy to obtain, if all the instructions, rules and regulations are followed.

The documents which are required for the work visa are:

An invitation letter from the sponsor, which is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also the Saudi Chamber of commerce.

Two copies of passport photograph, which is recent and no older than six months.

The two adjacent blank papers in the passport and the passport should be with at least 6 months validity.

The application for the work visa, completed with the relevant and accurate information.

The signed contract from the sponsor’s company for the job and the applicant. It should have the stamp from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

The educational certificates (all) should be duly attested by the relevant authorities.

It doesn’t take much time for the visa to get processed if all the documents are submitted properly for the processing. However, one will need to make sure and stay updated about the documents that are required to be submitted. One should definitely contact the Embassy and the recruitment agency for the rules and regulations and stay updated.

One should know that, when they are applying for the work visa for Saudi Arabia, they will need to work for a specific sponsor. The sponsor will arrange some of the required things and one will need to remain and work under the sponsor, when they are working in Saudi Arabia. A background check is also required for the visa and also recent medical reports, which show that the person is healthy.

The photos which are required to be submitted should be coloured and with a front view and a specific colour background.

When in Saudi Arabia, one will need to renew their work visa.

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