Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Curing Anxiety and Depression

Posted by Dr. Prasad Manovikas on July 11th, 2017

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the methods in physiology which deals with talking. They motivate the people only by effective talk. This is generally used to treat anxiety and depression.

Anxiety: - In general anxiety is nervousness or worried about something. Every individual come across anxious situation but in this case they feel nervous about all the events happening. Phobia is one of main cause for anxiety, if they feel fear about anything it leads to social anxiety disorder.

Reasons that make anxious
Panic disorder: it increases the speed of heart beat, within seconds the chest becomes tight and over weighted. Lungs expand and give uncomfortable atmosphere.

Dizziness: It is whirling something in head at a point of time. It is a simple problem in normal but the type situation makes it complicated like it attacked at time of crossing road, near the stove, well and many gives difficult consequences.

Types of dizziness are vertigo, light headedness, disequilibrium they are different from one another.
 Vertigo: The feeling of motion in stable condition, like revolving around or your environment spinning. The vestibular system of the inner ear is a body's balance system that gives you exact problem in the head. Almost all patients with dizziness undergo vertigo.
 Light headedness: It gives sense of about to faint and in reality no such reasons it normally occurs on sudden sitting and taking long enough breathe.
 Disequilibrium: It gives rise to unstable walk. They can keep their feet properly and they feel fear of walk.

Over active thyroid: hyper thyroid is mostly seen in women after 40. Thyroid stimulates a hormone which is responsible for the metabolism of heart beat and burning calories. The hyperthyroid leads to insomnia, muscle weakness, hair fall, irritation, increased heart rate, puffy eyes, sweating severely and many.

Depression: It is common but in severe leads to many problems like sleeplessness problem, unable to think properly, difficult to handle daily activities, difficult in consuming food and many problems.

Types of depression
 Persistent depressive disorder: This type of depression has normal symptoms but they last for two years. This cannot be cured below two years and time may be extended in sever case.
 Prenatal disorder: This occurs only in women after or before pregency. This may be because of performing unusual works like taking care of baby, less sleep in night, away from outside, restricted food, sounds and many other leads to depression.
 Psychotic depression: In this severe depression with upset news or disturbing situations leads to this kind of psychotic depression.
 Seasonal effective depression: As name indicates it occurs seasonally like in winter when there is no or less sun light. It leads to overweight and increased sleep.

Cognitive behavior therapy is effective method of alternative therapy for depression and anxiety effectively. It takes few sessions to cure because treatment depends mostly on explain them in understanding way and very less percentage on medicines. Check problem with the corresponding doctor and enjoy happy life.

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