How duplicate content harm your website?

Posted by Avijit on August 30th, 2010

Content is the most important components of any website. Before write content for your website you have to know how to write any content & also know how Duplicate Content down your website Ranking & web traffic. You already know that, high qualified content on your website assuring you that it will help to attract any customer. But the problem is arising in case the content used in the articles is duplicate or already available on the World Wide Web. This cause if you want to high page ranking of your website, it is always necessary to develop original content. Google can take several weeks for your website to indexed, so you are not too discouraged by the almost nonexistent traffic of your website.

When many weeks passes & there is still no traffic to your website. You have to try typing every keyword that relates to your site into Google, when you just start scrolling through the results, yours website is nowhere to be found. So say that how it can be possible? Your website has More than 100 of articles that should be more than enough content for Google to notice. Any
problem doesn?t lie in the quantity of the content or it Google itself. There Private Label Rights (PLR) is responsible for your websites nonexistent traffic.

Popular search engines often diminish the real value of what they believe to be the duplicate content. Google is featured with a system called footprint or Duplicate content checker that provides more weight age to the original content & includes it in the search engine index. It also face other type of search engine difficulties such as reducing the number of targeted visitors visiting you?re your website affect the sales of your online business.

Search engine against duplicate content, the reasons are behind opposing duplicate is , when there are numerous copies of similar content in the popular search engine ranking, It is really difficult to search for the best content among web pages. For this important reason, the popular search engine like Google ensure proper filtering of the results & then accordingly
reward the foremost indexed web page through a high ranking. This cause please follows the rules of search engine & avoids duplicate content. 

All the major search engines, do not like any kind of duplicate contents such as ? PLR junks, Mirror site, domain sub-niche, Dynamically generated content and dynamic URL, door away pages and of course content theft.

Hope after going through this article, you have a good grasp of the harmfulness of duplicate content. So, in next time, while you are developing the content for your site or blog, be aware of those following issues.

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