Trouble Free Tree Services for Your Property

Posted by alicefarnadize on July 11th, 2017

Residents of Calgary can avail the various tree services offered by the various agencies. The services are provided for both homeowners and commercial establishments. Apart from tree removal service, the agencies also specialize in stump removal, pruning, etc. The expert arborists employed by the agencies are well versed in all kinds of tree services and possess valid licenses to undertake such jobs.

Tree removal

There is a plethora of reasons for removing a tree from the property such as

  • Tree causing damage to the lawn
  • Tree impedes the sunlight from reaching the garden
  • Diseased or dead tree which is no longer required
  • The tree is too costly to be maintained and is a strain on the pocket
  • Tree posing a risk to overhead power lines
  • Roots of a tree causing damage to the foundations of the building

Efficient tree removal can be achieved by enlisting the services of professional agencies offering tree removal Calgary. The tree is assessed thoroughly by the arborists in order to determine the safest and the swiftest method of removing it. The tree is either felled directly or cut into pieces by the workmen. The entire process is carried out with maximum caution and safety procedures.

The site is cleared of debris and branches after tree removal operations are concluded. The task of tree removal is usually completed in a single day however, it may also take two days in case of very large trees.

Stump removal

A tree stump is the remaining portion of a felled tree that spoils the look of a garden. Thus, it is always better to go for stump removal after the felling of a tree. The agencies offering stump removal Calgarygo for stump grinding using high grade machinery such as self-propelled machines to ground the stump into mulch. The stump is removed to a depth of about 8-12 inches. The resulting mulch is left on site for uses such as compost, fill, etc. Stump grinding is usually done within five days of tree removal. The equipments of different power specifications are used for grinding depending upon the size of the stumps and other factors.

Other services

Cabling and bracing services are also available for trees. This involves the installation of high strength cables or threaded steel rod braces to repair a split tree trunk or providing protection to a weak junction of the tree from splitting.

Tree damages caused due to storms are also repaired by the agencies.

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