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Save Big On Baby!

Posted by nick_niesen on November 1st, 2010

When you brought your little bundle of joy home from the hospital, no one told you how much lighter your wallet was about to become. Between diapers, formula, clothes, and toys, it is amazing how something to small can cost so much. Take advantage of the following tips to help you save money on the things you buy for your baby.

Order things online and take advantage of coupon codes. Let?s face it, your baby needs a lot of accessories and that can add up to big bucks, but you can save substantially by shopping online. Buying things online for your baby has lots of advantages. With literally millions of products to choose from, shopping on the internet can give you options for items that your local store doesn?t carry. Many sites offer free shipping and often you don?t have to pay tax on your online purchase which means that you could conceivably get an item online for less money than it would cost you to buy it in the store. Many retailers sell things cheaper online than they do in their physical store, in hopes of tapping into the internet market. The best secret to saving money online is online coupon codes. Upon checkout, you simply input a code when prompted and the amount of the coupon will automatically be deducted of the total of your purchase. If you use a coupon code for 20 % off of an item that can add up to huge savings if you are purchasing something big like a crib or a stroller.

Use coupons when you shop in retail stores. Coupons aren?t just for groceries. Watch the paper for specific store coupons and save tons of money on purchases like bed linens car seats, strollers, and toys. Many retailers print coupons in their Sunday flier, so scan them closely and watch the savings add up. Often these coupons are for a percentage off your purchase, rather than for specific products, so you can save a lot of money if you use if for a big purchase like furniture. Don?t forget to check online for printable coupons from your favorite stores. It is always a bonus to find a coupon for a store you planned to shop at anyway.

Don?t wait for coupons to come to you. You don?t have to rely solely on the Sunday paper for baby related coupons. Write to the manufacturers of the products you use and tell them what you like about their products. You will be surprised at the amount of coupons they will usually send you. Often they will even send you vouchers for free products. Don?t just write to the manufacturers of products like baby food or formula. Contact companies that sell diapers, lotions, shampoos, baby wipes, or toys. Look in your pantry, your bathroom cupboard, and your baby?s room and make a list of all the products you buy for your baby. Then write to those companies and soon you will be saving a fortune on products you already know and love. You can also call the toll free number on the back of the products you use and ask the operator if they have any coupons available. Manufacturers love to give coupons because if they give you a coupon, they know you will buy their product. Most people never think to ask, so all of those coupons just sit there unused.

Babies need so many things and all of those things add up to a lot of money. Use coupons to cut your expenses everywhere you can. It pays to save as much money as possible now, because before you know it, your little darling will grow up and it will be time to start thinking about college tuition.

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