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Posted by Eric Gadin on July 12th, 2017

In industrial environments, we work with big machines and large pieces of equipment. These bulky devices are responsible for large jobs, and all of this size and space tends to have industrial business owners thinking in terms of big ideas. However, these pieces of industrial equipment run on some very small parts.

It is just as important for a business owner and machine operator to understand the small components of their equipment, as it is the overall functionality. The Dynalco Magnetic Pickups are the perfect example of tiny parts, which have a tremendous impact on your processes and output.

Unsure What You Are Shopping For?
Magnetic pickups are simple parts that are often given a complicated explanation. This can make it more difficult for new industrial businesses to be confident they are purchasing the right part for their equipment or machine. So, we wanted to start with a basic explanation of magnetic pickups and their functionality.

Magnetic pickups are constructed out of coiled metal wound tightly around a magnetic probe. It is important that the material used is a metal suitable for conducting a current and that the coil is properly constructed. The coil spins around the interior magnet, and as it does the magnetic current is conducted through the coil.

In the case of an industrial machine, a turbine or gear engines passing over the coil spin the coil. Therefore, a single rotation of the coil is equal to a single piece of the machine causing the coil to circulate. This is translated into a frequency that can be noted and analyzed as speed control. The output from the magnetic pickup allows humans to accurately measure how fast a machine is operating. For this reason, Dynalco magnetic pickups are also referred to as speed sensors.

However, magnetic pickups are found in devices and machines outside of industrial equipment. The most famous use of magnetic pickups is in electric guitars. The pickups operate in a very similar way and help guitarists produce a particular sound. Change the pickups, and an experienced guitarist claims that the clarity and output are changed as well.

Why You Need Magnetic Pickups?
Magnetic pickups provide a lot of the information you need about your equipment and machines. These are the small, yet powerful, pieces that tell you about the flow and power from your equipment. Armed with this information you can improve efficiency and speed, if needed, or simply monitor your progress. It also helps you troubleshoot if there is a decrease in flow, speed, or power.

Without this device, you would be operating a number of machines without feedback or reliable information.

As well, magnetic pickups provide information on timing, counting, and synchronization. This allows you to manage and operate a number of different machines in unison and ensure that machines that need to work together are doing so properly. For industrial businesses that are running multiple processes or tasks that feed into one another or other procedures, the magnetic pickup can tell you how timing and synchronization are lining up.

Lastly, magnetic pickups sense direction. As the gears or turbine pass the magnet and coils of the magnetic pickup, the direction of the current tells operators and automated products which way the parts are moving.

Buying the Best Magnetic Pickups
The fact that magnetic pickups tell you so much about your industrial equipment and machines, and allow you to be accurate adjust speed, direction, timing, and synchronization should tell you that these are important components in any piece of equipment.

Therefore, your business deserves high quality, reliable Dynalco magnetic pickups to keep it running smoothly. Find these parts and more at, where your closest industrial equipment supplier is simply a click away.

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