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Posted by Zeonlifesciences on July 12th, 2017

The demand for nutraceuticals has spiralled with the need for a prescription and over the counter nutrient supplements.  As products fly off the shelves with this increased demand, it calls for the availability of quality herbal products at reasonable prices.  With GMP remaining the global standard for quality, manufacturers need to formulate products in facilities that are GMP certified. Contract manufacturing has and will continue to be one of the most effective ways to meet requirements, across all nutraceuticals and herbal products. Take a look at the compelling reasons why contract manufacturing for herbal products offers advantages.

Highly advanced facilities to meet present and future quality requirements

Typically established in contract manufacturing hubs, these facilities boast of the most advanced facilities. With automated packing lines, high-speed filling lines that rely on online sleeve packing, the facilities possess the capacity to cater to large demands in the market. The facilities possess automated tin and jar packaging facilities which translate into nil human intervention leading to a higher sanitized atmosphere which is mandatory to maintain quality. The HVAC utilised in the facilities ensure that the environment is controlled as per qualitative requirements.

Fully compliant with regulatory procedures

In India, Herbal products require additional regulatory clearance. Reputed contract manufacturing facilities are fully compliant with a long list of regulatory mechanisms to offer superior quality products. Manufacturing facilities that look towards increasing the qualitative standards choose to be a part of various initiatives and seek accreditation from industry recognised standardisation authorities, such as Department of Industrial and Scientific Research(DSIR), National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration(NABL).

Large volume capacities translate into better overheads management

Due to the stringent quality requirements across all products, the overall overhead costs of operating such manufacturing facilities are actually quite high. Contract manufacturing facilities are better equipped to fight the overheads with capacity utilization of the units. Maximum utilization of the facilities results in a better output to overhead ratio, leading to lesser unit price. As the contract manufacturing facilities are generally established in hubs that are promoted by governments, benefits accrue to the contract manufacturing facilities in terms of support infrastructure. These benefits are passed on by the manufacturers down the supply chain leading to reasonable prices.

Quality assurance teams to manufacture as per exact requirements

Reputed facilities possess in-house quality assurance teams that regularly design procedures and bring in equipment to improve the processes and lines. This results in the manufacture of nutraceuticals and herbal products that meet every single requirement of the organization holding the brand. With various equipment such as PLM, Compression Machine, Ribbon Blender, Tray Dryer, Spray Dryer such facilities are best equipped to meet requirements. Separate units function within contract manufacturing facilities to cater to the manufacturing requirements of herbal products as the formulations and processes are different.  The biggest players in nutraceuticals have recognized the need to pack quality in their products at better prices and have found success Contract Manufacturing.

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Zeon Lifesciences Ltd strives to deliver the best quality Nutraceutical & Ayurvedic products that are created using modern techniques of science and infrastructure. We attempt to lead the way to a better society, a society without sickness & sufferings.

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