Teenage and Hair Loss

Posted by soniya mishra on July 12th, 2017

Hair loss is a more problematic issue for teens who do not expect hair loss unusually. Hair loss is a serious problem for all the men and women but it seems more disastrous when the signs of hair loss take place when you are young. Many of the patients like to have PRP Hair Loss Treatment for the problem. However, it is not possible to stop the process if the problem is taking place due to some serious health issues. There are a lot of reasons that can cause hair loss in teens. Some of them are given below:

Pattern Hair Loss:

Pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia is the main cause of hair loss for teenagers. When it takes place in teen boys, it is called male pattern baldness and in females, it is called female patterns baldness. It is believed to be occurred due to genetic reasons and it depends on your family history. Pattern hair loss follows a certain pattern in men and women.

Hormonal Disturbance:

At the time of puberty, there is a great fluctuation in hormone levels and it may lead to thinning or shedding of hair. The condition of the hair loss depends on the level of the hormones. Most of the time, this type of hair loss is temporary.


Unhealthy diet habits can be a prominent cause of hair loss in teens. The nutrition deficiency may affect the skin and then the hair. lack of protein, vitamin, mineral and other nutrients may lead to thinning of hair and hair loss. A Poor diet may bring hair loss to both men and women.

How to prevent hair loss in teens

At the teenage, the hair loss is not a comfortable situation and all of the patients wish to prevent the hair loss as soon as possible. Hair some of the tips are given to prevent or heal hair loss at the teenage:

Eat Healthily:

Having a healthy diet is the key to keeping every part of the body healthy. Teenagers are easily attracted to tasty food that is generally devoid of nutrients. Junk food is the enemy of your healthy but many of the teens do not consider it as a threat to their health. The teens must be taught by the parents and teachers about a healthy diet.

Keep Your Hair Clean:

Wash your hair daily to remove dirt, excessive oil etc. It is necessary to use a mild shampoo but at the same time, a conditioner is important as well. Keeping the hair clean is important to prevent infections like dandruff, ringworm etc.

Seek For An Expert Advice:

If you observe some serious signs of hair loss like bald patches, receding hairline, extreme thinning of hair, infected scalp. You must meet an expert for a proper diagnosis of the problem. Take your medicines properly and if you are found to be a patient of pattern hair loss, talk to the doctor about future patterns of the baldness.

For thinning of hair in teenage, PRP Hair Loss Treatment is expected to be very effective if the patients meet the PRP expert at the right time. PRP works on the roots of the hair and stimulates hair growth to prevent the further process of baldness. You can talk to any PRP expert to know more about the treatment.

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