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Posted by jeenniwill on July 13th, 2017

United Performing Arts Company is a dance company involves both visually impaired and sighted dancers. We create dance theater performances and offer quality entertainment for a range of venues, platforms, and festivals. For most of our history, we have been world leaders in teaching dance to disabled and visually harm and sighted dancers. For most of our history, we have been world leaders in teaching dance to children’s.

We include future risk to consider when the content of the methods may involve a challenge or need caution. At the point, we started working with children and running many more productions and society workshops over the next few years. The dancers and interested children’s are provided many possibilities and location for the camp, dance course, and battles.

We are dance performing and Arlington Arts Company that creates performances and camp for children’s. We have worked worldwide for many years, bringing together children’s of all ages and abilities. As a dance performance company, we tour our innovative productions worldwide. We work with both younger and elder children’s groups.

We deliver creative camp and classes based on contact spontaneity for people with visual breakage. We can create indicate camps for your arts organization in UPAC Arlington or abroad. United Performing Arts Company founded by Angie Meister and Angie Meister, Ashley Dobay, Samantha Ellis, Jessica Samone, Dorian Hejny, Meghann Thomas, Shelby Smith, Ashley Sikes. We have many years of experience and practice to learn from.

To search out more about how we can work with your organizations. United Performing Arts Company becomes the company in residence at Arlington art center. From this base, we have established a solid track record locally and regionally camp, and grow our students profile both nationally and internationally.

Our dance camp pack is our living handbook we use with students and teachers alike. We look forward to the opportunities working directly with our actual movement dance program. Our guide is produced for professionals and organizations who we have worked with to provide general information and camp a memory aid to support the continued practice of the content.

 United Performing Arts Company identified teaching points and questions to consider in determining where to go next or what dance techniques can be further explored or new ones introduced. Our faculty is a work in progress, as we will continue to add and develop the guides with new dance step ideas. United Performing Arts Company performances evolve from research and close collaboration with choreographers.

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