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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Best Baby Name Book In The Whole World

This book lists over 13,00 names and offers up meanings and lists. However, these are some basic baby name book requirements and certainly aren't enough to earn a "Best" title. Unfortunately, this is where the book falls. Not quite great, but not necessarily bad. It doesn't have a huge number of names, it doesn't offer oodles of extras, and some of its meanings are even a bit questionable. There are better books out there.

The Baby Name Wizard

This unusual baby name book really stands out from the crowd. Not simply a huge list of names, The Baby Name Wizard gives detailed information about each baby name in its database. Graphs, lists, and all kinds of fun information are invluded. The only downside to this addicting book is its rather slim list of actual baby names. It doesn't rank up there with the 50,001 name books, although perhaps you may appreciate the more limited scope. Aside from this, The Baby Name Wizard comes highly recommended.

Cool Names For Babies

This is a fun book that will inject some enjoyment back into your baby naming process. It's full of left-of-center baby names that will stimulate your thinking and probably lead you down some baby name paths you wouldn't have thought of. Not all is perfect, of course. Cool Names for Babies lacks a user friendly index and makes it difficult to find a specific name. The coolness of these names is likely to change as time passes since it is (naturally) focused on trends.

Baby Names: A New Generation

This book, as you may glean from its title, is focused on the ever-changing popularity of certain baby names. Want to make sure you aren't given your child a name that will seem old fashioned? Then this is the book for you. Its forward thinking and pleasing layout will help remove some of the tedium of selecting the perfect name for your child.

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