Jeans: A man's most loyal friend

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A pair of jeans probably is a man's best friend when it comes to clothing. A loyal pair of jeans can never be replaced or taken away from a man's life. Whether it's the evergreen White T-Shirt And Blue Jeans combination in summer or a combination of a Leather Jacket And Jeans in winters, this clothing piece never leaves a man's side. This is what makes jeans the most versatile clothing item for men.


Origin & History

The recent researches show that just like most of the stylish clothing, jeans were originated in Italy and parts of France. And in the beginning, it gained popularity because of its robust nature and low price. The toughness and durability of jeans earned it a promising future irrespective of some resistance it faced on the way. But once it was accepted universally, there was no turning back from there.


Early days

Before the stylish jeans swept over the world, it had to go through some steps. It was first used by heavy-duty workers in factories because it was cheap and tough and could handle stress related to the manual work enforced wear and tear losses. And it wasn't long when people realized that this all-weather bottom wear is going to be the next big thing.





Once the jeans got into the culture, it was all uphill from there and it's still going into the same direction. Jeans became every man's go-to-clothing and it was seen anywhere and everywhere. The street style got redefined by the blue jeans and it was every man's first choice. The cinema didn't stay back too. The actors wearing jeans became another reason for jeans' popularity push. The leather jacket and jeans became a trend and bikers loved it. Due to the tough character jeans showed, it became a hit among youngsters and till the date, it's the same.


Survival of the Fittest

Before jeans, the clothes used to be loosely fit and didn't really give an edgy and sharp dimension to one's personality. No doubt, jeans eradicated that problem. It was in the fit and the stylists and designers kept working on it to make it better. There are so many clothing items that have come into trend before and after jeans were introduced and they are nowhere to be seen now. But the jeans survived through all this time because it was always evolving, and it still is evolving.


New Directions

The jeans evolved in all the directions and it is still expanding its wings. The original regular jeans gave birth to low rise, mid rise, stretch, boot cut, slim fit and many more types of modern jeans. The hip-hop culture promoted the low-crotch jeans while slim fit jeans gained popularity among the young generation after the 2000s. The famous blue jeans are not just blue anymore. Jeans came out of it's comfort zone and rocked the colour black, brown, white and many more in recent times but the vintage blue somehow still leads the pack. It got ripped, it got distressed, it was torn and it's still worn. The jeans survived through all of it and always reached to the top.


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