Get Affordable Table Tennis Equipment To Practice like a Pro

Posted by marryvoges on July 13th, 2017

If you have been bitten by acing the table tennis game bug, then you must have already started going through a grueling practice session. Playing a game for hobby is different from playing a game for professional achievements. Whether you are an amateur or have already won tournaments, you would know the importance of practicing with a high-quality table tennis equipment that can take you places. Here is the essential gear that you must own to become a pro:

Table Tennis Racket - Also known as Rubber or Blade, the racket is the most vital equipment that you need to create the required speed and spin of the ball across the table. You can opt for Victas Table Tennis rubber which is a premium Japanese brand that offers a brilliant 5 plus two carbon mesh layer offensive rated racket, along with a good balance and a smooth feel to touch. The racket is under 85G which makes it powerful and provides game versatility. 

Table Tennis Table - Centerfold tables are a good buy if you plan to invest in one as they can be folded and placed easily in the house or the basement. You can also opt for a mini table if you have space constraints at home. You must also get a good cleaner to keep the table free from dust and spills. You can easily find a ping pong table for sale online.

Table Tennis Balls - You can make a pick from celluloid or novelty balls to train as hard as you want. To buy the best quality ones at affordable prices, you can head online.

Bags - Keep your stuff organized like rackets and balls in a spacious bag that you can take along to the stadium. A sturdy and durable bag makes sure that you do not lose your important equipment during a game.

Ball Pickup Collector - This is a good find for those who do not want to strain their backs while collecting balls from the floor.

Apparel - A comfy and lose fitting t-shirt and shorts are important to play your game without any restriction of movement. Make sure that the material has moisture wicking quality to keep you cool and dry during a match. You must also get good quality wrist bands and head bands if sweat is a distraction.


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