A Spirited Investment to Protect Firefighters: Buy Innotex High-Quality Turnout

Posted by Angi Scorma on July 13th, 2017

Self-safety is one of the primary concerns of the first responders and firefighters, because if they fail to protect their lives, they will no longer be able to protect others. Firefighters are prone to a higher level of threat to their own life safety. This is not an assumption based on popular belief, but a fact based on statistical reports.

What do the statistics say?

In the U.S alone, there were 101 on duty firefighter fatalities in the year 2013. It was a rather unpleasant statistical report as this surge in fatalities came after a downswing of several years. A glance at the previous records reveal that 83 firefighters died in the year 2012, 83 again in 2011 and 87 in 2010 which are much lower as compared to 2013.

A city-wise breakdown of deaths is available in these official reports compiled by USFA. There were three fatalities in Texas, two in Bryan, ten in West and four in Houston - these are only those records where there were multiple fatalities in one incident.

Solutions: Intelligent and superior protection

To protect the firefighting personnel, an aggressive and positive investment in personal protective gear is the most basic step forward. There are a lot of elements that form the complete protective gear for the firefighters that include suspenders, helmets, fire-resistant gloves, turnout gear and advanced boots.

If you ask a firefighter, he is bound to say that the most crucial of all is the turnout gear. And the need to buy high-quality turnout gear such as Innotex should be given the highest priority.

What is a turnout gear?

For those who don’t understand the technical terms, a turnout gear is the uniform-of-sorts that covers the body of a firefighter such as a coat and pants would.

- It is a specially built system that has fire-resistant qualities outer shell that protects against flames along with tear and abrasion resistance.

- It has a strong moisture barrier that keeps steam and dangerous liquids from getting in while allowing body heat to escape.

- The thermal barrier is made with spun lace or needle punched batting for thermal protection quilted to a soft face cloth. It offers ease of movement and keeps the heat away from the body.

To offer them more than just hope and big-talk, it is essential to buy high-quality Innotex turnout gear to enhance the professional capabilities of the firefighters.

The bottom line is, a spirited investment in high-grade personal protective gear is the only way to give more value to the firefighters’ lives.

Author’s Bio: The author is a statistics professional and a writer. He has discussed the importance of quality protective gear for firefighters in this article.



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