Reasons To Choose Anti Spin Table Tennis Rubber

Posted by marryvoges on July 13th, 2017

In table tennis, nullifying the opponent’s spin can give you great advantage. While a lot of it depends on your personal skills as a player, your special tactics and techniques, there are special strategies to use that can alter the game altogether. Using a particular kind of table or ball, using good quality TT paddles and just replacing the general rubber with an anti spin alternative are a few examples that can help step up your game.

Anti spin table tennis rubber is designed with the purpose of nullifying the spins, as stated above. These are a kind of inverted rubbers that have a relatively slick and slippery surface. This is what ensures that the ball is not gripped much. In other words, a ping pong ball would very easily bounce off an anti-spin surface and most likely in the same angle it came from and the spin of the ball would not really make a difference.

Anti spin rubbers have a smooth topsheet for hitting the ball. The sponge under the anti spin surface may vary in hardness as well as the amount of speed that they provide. Professional Ping Pong paddles that have this kind of surface, tend to give you the following advantages:

1.These surfaces allow the player a better control over the strokes.
2.In case you want to slow down the pace of the game, due to reasons like slower reflexes or physical limitations of any kind, using paddles with anti spin rubber can help do that.
3.There can be a possible difference in the normal speed of the game to the advantage of the player using anti spin. That is because the slight change in speed may make the opponent make mistakes.
4.Anti spin rubber also allows you to provide variation in the behaviour of the ball and this can often confuse the opponent as to which side of the bat was used during a stroke. In case the opponent guesses incorrectly, they would be forced for a poor return.

However, there is one thing that you should remember. Anti spin is not designed to power the ball through your opponent. So, it is better to stick to playing safe and sure. That would reduce the chances of committing mistakes on your part. At the same time, you need not be afraid to twiddle once in a while and then going back to your general side.


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