Complete Guide To Buy Table Tennis Table Online And Other Equipment

Posted by marryvoges on July 13th, 2017

If you have the space in your house, then it makes sense to have an entire table tennis setup instead to going to some club or sports arena to enjoy the game. It will make table tennis more accessible and fun.

To enjoy the best experience while playing the game, it is essential to have the right kind and quality of equipment. Regular tennis players are versed with complete rules of the game but to buy the right equipment it is important to deliberate certain key things to avoid any mistake.

Equipment used to play table tennis are a racket, ping-pong ball, table tennis table and a net.

Table Tennis Table

Genuine table tennis table measurement are 274 cm x 152.5 cm. But before buying the table, ensure that the place where you have planned to place the table is big enough to accommodate the table and still have ample space to play game. Standard court in national level tournaments measure 12 m * 6 m but to have a spacious play area, 7 m * 5 m is good enough to accommodate the equipment and players during the play.

Here are a few essential points you must consider about the structure of the table tennis table you are planning to buy table tennis table online.

1.Make sure that the legs of the table are made out from high quality material, strong and well finished.

2.Ping-pong ball bounces in the perfect manner on a 25 mm thick thick top. But if it is not for professional use then you can also go with a slightly thinner top; not more than 21 mm.

3.Check out the dimensions and sanctity of the flat surface to ensure there are no slopes.

Table Tennis Racket

Ready made racket made out from good quality material is the most suitable option for people who are buying to play for leisure. And for professional who aspire to take up the game seriously, it is advisable to choose the blade and rubber separately to have perfect control over the configuration of the racket as per the playing style.

If we go by International Table Tennis Federation standards, table tennis racket blade should consist of at least 85 percent natural wood. Also check out the composition of composite and the amount of layers as per your playing technique.

A lighter blade is considered suitable for fast players and heavier blades are for players who want to generate greater power and spin. Choose the rubber as per the style of your game as its thickness play a vital role in deciding the control, spin and speed of the ball.

Ping-Pong Ball

All ITTF events are specifically using Plastic Polystyrene 'Poly' balls since July, 2014. These balls are available in 3 rating categories to define the quality. It is advisable to use a 3 rating ball for a longer use. Aside, prevent the ball from direct exposure to sunlight or heat for a longer period of life.


Standard net is 6 feet long and 6 inches high. It is imperative to buy net with genuine dimensions and high quality suspension cords and clamps for genuine experience.

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