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Posted by mmogonba2017 on July 14th, 2017

League two years ago, and NBA 2K18 MT the players celebrated in an impromptu gathering at the Camp Nou, he was one of the very few who did not chant "Vizca Catalunya" at the crowds. Understandable in many ways; by the time Di Stefano was "purchased" by Mr. Bernabeu he had left an impressive trail of goals and influence both back home and in Colombia. He moved to Europe as an adult, with his own wife and children, in a quest to undertake the best job possible in his market. Messi, on the other hand, joined Barcelona as a child, and his parents came with him still in the role of protectors and nurturers.

He has not known another club professionally, nor another culture as an adult. So the pressure to retain his sense of national identity is greater. Di Stefano, also, was able to play for Spain. Plenty of South American players appeal to the most tenuous of family links to European ancestry in the hope of securing a passport, but now FIFA rules say once a player has represented a country at international level (in a competitive game) he cannot subsequently represent another.

Back in Di Stefano's days the ruling was less vague, and in fact many South Americans played for Italy and Spain. Messi may have had the last word with his two goals against Real Madrid, and it's still possible he will repeat the feat in the second leg. He is remarkable, without a doubt, and very possibly the best player of his generation and the outstanding magician amid a team of excellence. But his youth demands he be given the chance to dream and hope of further greatnesses to conquer. He will one day be an old man with many memories and possibly stadiums and stands named after him. But not just yet.CONCACAF Champions League format change doesn't help .

CONCACAF has overhauled its Champions League tournament by streamlining the schedule and format, eliminating the group stage, creating a secondary competition/qualifier and raising as many questions as it’s answered. The changes unveiled Monday somehow solve some issues, ignore others and create new problems, all while delaying the entry of the MLS clubs that qualified last year until February 2018. MLS, the U.S. Soccer Federation and Buy NBA 2K18 MT the Canadian Soccer.

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