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Posted by Wen on July 14th, 2017

Porzingis is going to go down as a mmogo coupon code better player than Nowitzki. There's a long, long way to go before we get to that point. But Porzingis being so good, so fast is something not many saw coming. Even Dirk knows transcendent talent is blossoming in the Big Apple.* * *SB Nation presents: Introducing Porzingis! A revolution in NBA rim cleanupStephen Curry's latest magic is a perfect behind-the-head alley-oop -

It is a well-known fact that the No. 1 pastime of NBA franchise owners is meddling. Ask any general manager or coach.Now we have franchisees meddling in other teams' affairs. ESPN's Brian Windhorst reports that NBA franchise owners lobbied the league office to do something about the wonderfully tanktastic Philadelphia 76ers. That effort led to Adam Silver facilitating a connection between Sixers boss Josh Harris -- who has heretofore expressed complete confidence in Sam Hinkie's unique process -- and basketball lifer Jerry Colangelo, himself a former franchisee.

The NBA denies the owners' complaints caused any changes with the 76ers' front office.)Why were other team owners mad about the Sixers? Well, probably the same reason everyone else outside of The Process Bubble is mad about the Sixers: This is a pretty egregious way to compete in the context of high-stakes professional sports.But the team owners have a cover story, too. They reportedly argued that the Sixers' strategy to stink is sucking revenue out of the league. From our man Windhorst:Owners routinely complained about the economic drag the

76ers were inflicting on the league as Buy MUT 18 Coins the revenues of one of the largest-market teams -- a franchise expected to contribute more robustly to league revenue-sharing -- sagged. For many teams, games featuring the starless and woeful 76ers as the visiting team have been the lowest-attended of the season, sources said.For what it's worth, the Sixers have finished no worse than No. 20 in road attendance percentage during The Process, and are middle of the pack this season. That's not a perfect measure of draw -- season ticket holders are surely more likely to skip the Sixers over any other team, and that robs the home squad of parking and concessions income -- MMOgo.com

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