Tint your windows to protect your home from harmful UV rays.

Posted by American Window Film on July 14th, 2017

Over time, the harmful UV rays and sun's heat will lead to the dying colour of interior furnishings, fabrics, artwork, and flooring and can cause serrate or very tepid temperatures within a structure or vehicle. The sun rays can also damage your skin, and its light can generate eyestrain. What's more, tinted window glass is able to hold the broken window together in case of an accident, break-in or any other miss happening. Other than that there are many good reasons for applying tint on the windows of your vehicle and home. For most of us, privacy is a big issue.

Applying a high-level VLT tint it gets hard for someone to peek inside your window also this feature of tinting make it hard for a driver to see in another vehicle's windows. Tinting the windows is a good option to blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays and heated sun rays which help to keep the interior of your home and vehicle cool and clean. Because of the tinting process and its UV rays blocking ability, your vehicle and your homes look good even after a long span of time.

No one wants to live in a home with inside temperature making your seat. Applying window tint reduces heat in the vehicle and home up to 70%, which is a great option for the locals who live in high heat climates. Window tinting also prevents the glass window from shattering during an accident or in case someone tries to break in your vehicle or home. We know the importance of window tinting and with experience of over 40 years in the window film industry, we are the well-known and reliable name in the industry. By using 3M products we provide Leed Rated Film That will help you get a Leed certificated home.

Types of window tinting options

● Sun Control Traditional Films - This window tint will allow to let the sun shine in and retain the heat and damage out.

● Provides Insulation - Help to keep the inside temperature of the house at the minimum.

● Prestige Window Films - By using a premium technology of 3M™ Prestige Window Films our Prestige windows film will protect your house from all the harmful effects of the sun. Prevention from glare, faded furnishings, temperature imbalances without compromising the architectural view.

● Safety and Security Films - Designed particularly to prevent the invasion of privacy and give protection against the burglars.

By providing the finest quality of glass coating, window tint and window tinting we are well recognized for our quality work, great variety of products and extensive product knowledge. We are also known for our proper customer satisfaction as our sales team help the customer to select the proper tinting option.

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