Roles and responsibilities of the Security guards Melbourne

Posted by SWC SECURITY on July 14th, 2017

Crime is one of those things which haunt almost everyone out there. Even the one who does the crime is also scared of being caught. Today’s world has gained so much that people are just going on and on into the world of crime too. The situation of the world is becoming pathetic from time to time. The people who cannot earn money just think that they will steal other people’s money and then have the entire luxurious thing they dreamed of. Is it really worth? Stealing the money and expensive stuff of other genuine people is so unfair in today’s world where earning money is a really difficult task. People think they can do whatever the shit they are thinking but this is wrong, even police do not focus on our issues with full concentration.

In such a situation of being afraid and scared of the thieves all the time that if their next victim would be you, is really scary and haunted. However, relying on police for all your work is also not a good option although police too cannot take care of all the houses in the country, so for our own security, it is very important that we should have Security guards in our home for the protection of money and expensive things that we have. Security Guards, many of you may know who are they? But maybe some people don’t know about them, so let me tell you all about who are Security Guards?

Security Guards Melbourne is one of the protective agents or a person who is basically hired to take care or protect our home from those entire mischievous thieves who may be planning to steal the stuff. Security Guards in Melbourne are the guards who are privately uniformed and they basically represent the lawful authority to protect the private property of his owner.

Now, it is really very important to know about what the Roles and Duties are there which a Security Guard performs. I am going to list some of those duties. Have a look-

  1. The Guard should be always on his duty- If you have hired a security guard for your home or your organization, the guard should be always on his work at time sharp. He should always be visible to all the people so that criminals who even think of stealing something from your home gets scared by seeing the Guard always walking there.
  2. The Security Guard must be vigilant- One of the most important duties of a Security Guard is that he should be attentive and cautious as well. Even a little sound of shouting, screaming should make his senses work in the direction that there is surely something wrong going. He should be able to detect strange sounds. The criminals are so sharp and intelligent in their working, so a security guard should always catch each and every sound that he listens.
  3. He should be responsive during the crisis- A security guard must be such that if he even listens something wrong happening somewhere he should immediately act upon that situation, this shows that he is responsive whether the thief is there or not. If any situation of robbery comes in front of him, then he should have guts to fight with the criminals and take all the things away from them.

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