Problems Adding RSS Feeds To My Yahoo ? Feedburner Solution

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

In the last few weeks, adding feeds to My Yahoo has been next to impossible. Here?s a solution that worked for me with a feedburner feed.

Why Won?t It Add My Feed

If you have a blog, adding it to My Yahoo via a feed is a fairly standard option. To do this, you simply accessed your My Yahoo page, clicked ?add content?, click ?add RSS by url? and then entered your feed. At least it used to be that way.

For the last few weeks, the add content provision for My Yahoo has developed a glitch. Following the above steps simply no longer works. Instead, My Yahoo will show you a preview of your feed, but refuses to actually add it to the My Yahoo page. Why is it My Yahoo will show you a preview, but not add the feed? This realization is followed by an combination of the following: banging head on the desk?rebooting computer?throwing computer?

Feedburner Solution for My Yahoo

Last night, I was able to add to My Yahoo through Here?s how I did it.

First, log into and pull up a My Yahoo page. Next, pull up in a second window. Log in to your account. In the resulting page, you should see a clickable title for your feed. To the immediate left of the title is an ?xml? link in light grey. Click it to open a new window.

In the resulting window, you will see a light blue box followed by your feed. In the blue box near the bottom, you should see a ?My Yahoo? button. Click it.

At this point, your My Yahoo add content page should appear with a preview of how the page will look in My Yahoo. This will be the same preview you were shown when trying to add the feed the traditional way. Go ahead and click the ?add content? button on the top right of the page. You should see a page showing the preview and a message that it has been added.

Once you?ve done this, it takes up to 10 minutes for the feeds to appear on My Yahoo. I can?t promise this will work for everyone, but I was able to add three feeds last night.

Good Luck!

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