Do You Want to Secure Your Construction Site Using Temporary Fencing? Read This!

Posted by nescaffold on July 14th, 2017

When you observe a building under construction, there always seems to be a mesh of steel tubes and planks of wood on its inner and outer surfaces. This is known as scaffolding and serves the purposes of access and safety at the same time. New England Scaffolding company has mastered the design and construction of scaffolding. Here is more about the company.

About New England Scaffolding

Ever since 1988, the company has built scaffolding for its clients. It has a team of technicians that is committed to using creative solutions to deliver on client requirements. They are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to come up with innovative solutions for your scaffolding rental CT needs. The company pays attention to detail in every project and ensures quality. As such, they stay ahead of their competitors and meet all your requirements.

Safety is important in every construction project. As such, New England Scaffolding has invested a lot in ensuring that safety is maintained at every job site. It extends from employee assessment to the use of safety equipment on the job site. Read on to learn more about the services provided by this company.

What can you get from New England Scaffolding?

This company offers you a variety of services. They include:

1. Scaffolding

2. Temporary fencing

3. Shoring

4. Construction of debris chutes

5. Containment

Temporary fencing

Part of ensuring the safety of a job site is preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing the site. To ensure this, temporary fencing comes in handy. The temporary fence ensures that workers and pedestrians around the site are safe. It also keeps the construction materials and equipment in a well-contained area. What type of temporary fencing is provided by the company? They have fencing solutions which use wire mesh panels that are 6-foot high. They are weighted so as to stay stable at the job site. You can also get some privacy netting to keep prying eyes from seeing into your job site. To allow access, there are vehicle and pedestrian gates available as well. This is one of the security features available for you from this company.


Some structures are quite delicate during construction. As such, they need protection from the elements and any threats. To ensure this, New England Scaffolding can provide you with mesh netting to prevent the entry or exit of debris during construction. They also offer you tarps to cover scaffolding as well as specially made enclosures. This provides privacy and protects the workers during work. The company also provides shrink wrapping to keep dust and debris inside while preventing the elements from accessing the building under construction.


For all your construction scaffolding rental CT solutions, New England Scaffolding is the company to hire. They have a variety of affordable services available. You can get in touch with them easily through their website.

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