Doctor Explain why Scalp need to be Shaved before Hair Transplant Surgery

Posted by komalcosmetic on July 14th, 2017

Dr. Kinnar Kapadia works as a brilliant Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad. He is capable of performing every step of the hair transplant surgery with a great expertise and ability. Therefore, he is able to clear all the doubts that may come in the mind of a curious patient. Such patients are really enthusiastic to know more about the surgery since they feel they can guide other as well. However, every patient must have some clear instructions about the surgery and he must follow the instructions but due to basic human nature or fearful tendency, the patients need to ask many questions to feel free of all the doubts about the surgery. Recently, Dr, Kapadia was telling about some of the main steps of the surgery.  He described all the steps in brief and was keen to clarify that the donor area must be shaved before the surgery is started.

The procedure in brief

Before the procedure is started, the hairs in the donor areas are shaved and then, the local anesthesia is given to the patient. The tissues in the donor area that contain the baldness resistant hair follicle are removed surgically and the donor area is sutured. These sutures are removed after almost ten days after the surgery.  After that, the bald recipient area is prepared. Here no trimming or shaving is needed as it seems obvious. Follicular Unit Grafts are placed in the tiny holes made by the surgeons and generally, these holes are made in the irregular pattern. The grafts are generally placed according to the density of grafts and the recipient area.

Why is the donor area trimmed?

Sometimes it is not easy to place the grafts into the recipient areas if the hairs on the donor areas are quite long. Therefore, most of the surgeons prefer to shave the donor areas before the surgery. The rest of the head does not need to be trimmed. For an easy handling of the tiny needle on the donor site, that is generally used to remove the tissue that contains the baldness resistant hair follicle, it is necessary to shave the donor area.

Hair transplant surgery is a complicated surgery in which all the steps are necessary to be performed correctly and attentively. Therefore, the patients must follow the instructions of the surgeon. The Avenues clinic is a unique place for theBest Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad where all the doctors of the clinic like to communicate with the patients on every question the patients may have.

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