Website Building - Start With An Expired Domain

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Are you thinking about creating a website? In this article I hope to shed some light on making it a little easier for you by using an expired domain.

There are three main steps to creating a successful website:

1 - pick a domain name for your website
2 - build a website
3 - promote the website to receive visitors

These 3 steps get harder as you go along - picking a domain name can be relatively straight forward. Building a website, or getting one built for you, is no easy task, but with perseverance your website will get built. The third step of promotion is the hardest - your website will be competing with thousands, if not millions, of other websites to attract visitors, and new competition will be continually popping up. When you consider that there are millions of websites out there, but only a small percentage of these get a decent number of visitors, you will begin to understand the difficulty of promotion.

Rather than diving straight in and registering a domain, take some time to consider the overall goal - getting visitors to your new website. With this in mind, you can begin your choice of domain name.

Consider these two facts:

1 - when a domain name is registered, it is only registered for a set period. If the domain registration isn't renewed before the end of this period, then the domain will expire and become available for registration again.

2 - millions of people have created websites before you - they have registered a domain, built a website, and promoted it so that they started receiving visitors - and in some cases receive quite a lot of visitors.

Bearing these two facts in mind, you may not be surprised to learn that, for whatever reason, domains of some successful websites are allowed to expire. This means that the domain has become available for registration again to anyone clever enough to see the domains potential - the domain will still be receiving visitors even though it is no longer registered. Anyone that tries to visit this domain will get an error page saying that the website cannot be found - but if you were to register the domain, and place your website on it, then your website will be receiving these visitors!

Unfortunately, finding expiring domain names that will supply visitors to your website isn't an easy task. But there are several websites offering services that can help you.

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