Domain Names: So Many To Choose From

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The use of multiple domains is something that many online businesses are happily participating in. You may wonder why someone would go to the added expense of purchasing additional domain names they may not even use.

From a marketing standpoint there are three solid reasons why ?the more - the merrier? is a concept that may make sense when it comes to the acquisition of domain names.

1. Misspellings and Confused Destinations

If the title of your domain contains words that are often misspelled by others it may make sense to purchase the domains that contain those misspellings. The reason this makes sense is that if a visitor tries to log on from memory and misspells your name ?correctly? they can still be directed to your primary website.

This may sound strange, but if even a small percentage of those challenged at spelling ultimately make a purchase it is marketing money well spent.

2. Eliminate the Copycats

Even if your domain ends in .com it may make sense to purchase the same domain in .net and other domain extensions. All these extra domains can be redirected to your primary website.

This approach provides two separate benefits.

a) Visitors can access your site even if they have forgotten what domain extension you have.

b) If the site becomes popular, you may not have as many copycats who try to find a website name that is similar to yours. They may also look for the exact same name under a separate domain extension. You may also wish to have your site name trademarked to minimize the possibilities for a copycat website to develop.

3. Resell Domain Names

Some online marketers have selected names that have to do with their product or services that may be general in theme. A motivated site developer may be willing to pay a significant price to acquire the domain name. Many marketers will check trends and acquire short domain names associated with the trend for the purpose of reselling at a higher price.

The growth of the Internet has made a good website name a commodity that has value. When you select your ecommerce domain name chose carefully and keep it as short as possible. If you can find a one word name for your website you may have a positive domain name. The use of the business name is a highly valued consideration, although if there are multiple words in the business name title (i.e. Ted?s Taxidermy, Bait, Convenience and Taco Stand) you might find the primary purpose of the business and find a domain name that connects with site visitors.

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