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Posted by kunal on July 16th, 2017

No, it not exactly the way you think because these smartphones accessories are getting automated. Well, one of them is. Discovered earlier this year, “MyPole” is the world’s first real automated selfie stick which assures to make your self-portrait-taking activities easier and more convenient than ever. It is fundamentally a regular telescopic selfie stick, except that it’s extend and retract automatically.

The Mypole selfie stick has a pretty cool device in the form of two fans which also come out of the auxiliary handle and can be used for taking those melodramatic breezy self-portraits when there isn’t any wind around to blow your hair in a stylish way. MyPole Automated extending selfie stick with wind turbines is not just enough, it also aims to impress you with its LED soft light boards built and can be mounted on the device. They are made active with a simple push of a button and should be able to offer enough fill light for your selfies to shine. Taking selfies have gone too far, and I claim that this selfie stick is a super cool gadget you should have.
This advanced gadget was made by inventive minds at MyPole company and is going to be hitting the market soon. So, the idea of possessing the automated, double fan-wielding telescopic selfie stick with huge LED lights out in the market really sound great.

The automated Selfie sticks allow you to take as many photos as you want, whenever you like, without requesting for help. One important reason of getting blurry photos during selfie is the shaky movement of your hand at the time of taking the selfie. By using the MyPole automated selfie stick for holding your camera or smartphone, you'll find that the quality of photos suddenly improves. The reason is the fact that this automated selfie sticks help lessen the shaking or movement of your hand.

These features make it a better option compared to normal selfie sticks when using it. Are you looking for a MyPole selfie stick? You can find the best deals of it on our website - visit us today!

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