Public Domain Works - How Do I Benefit?

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Because works that are in the public domain are free for the public to use, however they see fit, those works can be used to create new products ? or even sold as they are for profit.

As an entrepreneur, you can use public domain works to add to an existing product line, or to create one if you don?t already have any products of your own. If you do not change the work in anyway, the author of the work remains the same. In other words, you can sell it, but you can?t put your name on it.

If you edit the work, however, or include bits and pieces of public domain work to create a new product, your name goes on it, and you can copyright it. This is one of the absolute fastest ways, next to purchasing resell rights, to create a product of your very own. While purchasing resell rights to a product may be faster, works that are in the public domain and used to create new products may prove to be more valuable ? meaning you can charge more.

Using public domain works not only saves the time that may be involved in product creation, but it will also save you money when it comes to product creation or development. The work has been done already. Furthermore, if you know where to look, there are millions of public domain works that can be obtained freely.

When it comes to information, there is one solid fact that will never change. Information is information. It rarely changes. It may become outdated, and no longer useful ? but it doesn?t usually change. Furthermore, outdated information can be ?freshened up? easily enough, and information that is no longer useful may also be made useful once again.

Remember, also, that public domain works does not just pertain to written materials. Millions of Films, music, photos, and even inventions are in the public domain ? just waiting for some enterprising individual to come along, dust them off, and make them useful once again!

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