Domain Name Registration ? What?s It All About?

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The domain name registration is not that a lengthy process. This is the common reaction that most the domain name consumers often say. Speaking of the consumers, it is a fact that the consumers play a vital role for a domain name registration. It is in their hands that the success of the domain name registration depends.

So in place of the consumers for the domain name registration, the first step that a domain name consumer should follow is to look for a domain name registrar either by word or mouth, by advertisements or through a search engines. Once the domain name consumer is in the registrar?s site for the domain name registration, the consumer then checks the availability of a domain name. After such process for the domain name registration, the registrar then communicates with the particular registry to make certain if the requested domain name is available for purchase or the requested domain name is already taken by another party. So if the domain name is still available, it is fortunate for the consumer that he or she will be able to register the domain.

It is also considered that during the process of domain name registration, the customer then enters the contact information and the DNS information for the desired domain name. In the domain name registration, the contact and the DNS information that the consumer gives is distributed with the particular registry for the TLD(s) purchased.

After that process for the domain name registration, the registry then files the contact information for the whois. Along with that, the registry also adds the zone documents to the root servers, which on the way tells the other servers on how to locate the consumer?s site. So now, the update should proliferate. The proliferation or propagation is said to be the amount of time required for a domain name registration and/or changes to DNS details to be propagated throughout the Domain Name System.

It is then simply considerable that when you go through the process of the domain name registration, you are actually inserting an entry into a directory of all the domain names and their equivalent computers on the web.

Usually, in the domain registration, every registrar has the flexibility to provide initial and renewal domain name registrations in one year increments. Then it has a total domain name registration period limit of ten years. And for the price for such registration, every registrar also sets the price it charges for registering domain names, and generally the prices vary significantly among various registrars.

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