Mesmerizing Newspaper Tear Trick By Paul Harris Magic

Posted by Gael Jac on July 17th, 2017

Have you seen a magical show? In a magical show, different tricks are performed to entertain people especially, the children. Magicians perform these tricks by causing an illusion of the eyes of audience present there and make them believe inwhat they want to showcase them. Different magicians have learned this art by practicing it hard to perform in a show and when their magic tricks have become famous, they are available for the common people to learn and play them in front of familyand friends. Some of the common magical tricks are demonstrated through playing cards that are also considered to be one of the easiest tricks to learn. In addition to the playing cards, objects like coins, mirrors, newspapers and many others are also used by the magicians to perform different tricks.

A famous American magician named as PaulHarris, is known to make the most innovative techniques in the magical world. He is also listed as one of the top 100 magicians in America who change the course of magic art in the country. Some of his original tricks are Linking playing cards, Bizarre twist, a solid deck and many others involving cards as well as other objects. One more famous trick of Paul Harris magic is known as Examiner by John Graham that shows 100% examinable torn & restored newspapers. The newspaper tear is so genuine that experts and audience are completely mesmerized by this trick. And more importantly, it works with a normal newspaper without using any glue, wire or magnet. Also, no palming or pulls are performed in the trick and there is no need of any special clothing requirements.

Most of the trained magicians work under a company that presents their tricks to the audience. One such company is Big Blind Media known to offer some of the best playing card tricks. Magicians like Liam Montier, Cameron Francis, Dave Forrest and Steve Dela present their original tricks through this company. These tricks are available in the form of books, magazines and DVDs that you can buy and learn to enthrall the audience. Apart from the tricks developed by the above mentioned magicians, the company also presents card tricks by some other magicians as well such as Power Of Thought by Paul Curry, Route 1 by Dave Forrest, Compatibility by Wayne Dobson and much more.

If you want to learn magical tricks from these great magicians, you can buy their learning material online. Many companies are selling them through their websites in the best prices.

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