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Posted by ownher12 on July 18th, 2017

Since the content “ 7 Day to go until the announcement” was posted a few days ago, there are so many people guessing its meaning. And this announcement will be uncovered at 2PM BST, on July 17 according the official twitter of RuneScape. Before learn that, you should remember there is RS gold for sale on this site.

The announcement uncovered soon
There is a post from the official twitter of RuneScape ( both on OSRS and RS3) showing that you can learn the announcement RuneScape from Jagex at 2PM BST, on July 17, 2017. However, we still have no clear information for what the announcement is actually about until now.

Main guesses from players
After the “7 days to go until the announcement” came out, more and more players are trying their best to reveal it. Until now, there are several main guesses. Most players guess it refers to a new MMO, which will be developed by Jagex too. And the new MMO may be RuneScape Remastered or RuneScape RPG Battler. At the same time, some players believe it should be the mobile RuneScape, while others think it a RuneScape movie.

The possible reactions of players after the announcement is revealed
For Jagex has given out the news about the announcement so early, they must want to keep the players excited all the time. Meanwhile, it also implies that the content of the announcement should definitely count for much. But if the content is not significant enough for players, they must be disappointed very much eventually.?

Anyway, it will come out in less than five hours. Let’s just hope the content will make all of us surprised. At the same time, don’t forget there will be an 80% off sale with RS gold for sale on July 21, 2017. Don’t miss it.?

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