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Posted by georginabelikov on August 30th, 2010

Tired of the suspense thrillers you've been devoting your time to? Are romantic stories already boring you with the same happy ever after ending? Are those horror books already scaring you? If you're looking for a book that has an entirely different plot and setting than your usual reads, then Mortal Instruments is the one you should grab the next time you visit the book store.

Cassandra Clare certainly brought out the best in her with the Mortal Instruments series. Her imagination goes way beyond what other people can think of, and her vivid descriptions will make you feel like you are just there around the corner, watching the action that is happening. She has described every character and setting like it is part of the real world, and you would surely try to imagine what is happening. Truly, the 'glamour' in the story is nothing but amazing, as well as captivating. Think, an old Chinese take out for human beings is an old police station to the werewolves and other creatures of the Underworld.

These books are a series that revolves around the story of the mortal instruments, which, when used in an evil manner could destroy humanity. Sound like it's from another fantasy book? It isn't like that actually. What makes it different is that it involved all the characters we frequently read such as vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, fairies and most importantly, shadow hunters. The main characters of course are shadow hunters. They llive to kill demons, such that humans can be safe from their evil powers. These shadow hunters have a government of their own, and they have various capabilities, and can specialize in different things. It may sound weird at first, but as you go along with the book, you'll come to understand everything.

This book is really the definition of a page turner, for once you have started, you will not put it down. It does not have too long descriptions that will make a reader toss it around the corner because of boredom. Of course the characters were explained, but only in a brief way, and through conversations and actions. You will surely get excited as each scene takes place, and how the main characters, namely Clary and Jace, will go through it. And of course, these books include a love story about our two heroes. They will come through a lot of challenges, both emotional and physical, and it is indeed a marvel how they smoothly deal with them.

The last book of this series is still to be released early in 2011, and as of now, a lot of readers are already looking forward to it. It will not be a wonder already if it will be the next blockbuster hit to the Twilight Saga.

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