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Formal Clothing for Men in Dubai Tailor Made To Fit Comfortably

Posted by royalfashion on July 18th, 2017

The most important thing to look for in men’s formal clothing in Dubai is the perfection and the Fit tailor made to match the body type and personality of men wearing the attire.

Men’s formal clothing

Formal clothing varies vastly from country to country and among different cultures and traditions. The formal cloth in Dubai may vary from that in China or in Europe, but one should know the difference between traditional/national clothing and formal clothing. Formal clothing, formal wear, and formal dress wear in this context refer to western clothing worn at formal events, such as:
Black Tie event / Morning dress
White Tie event / Evening dress
Wedding reception
Garden Party,
Dinner / Dance
Business meets / Gala dinner

These days there has been some relaxation in dress code, leaving the formal dress code more flexible to accommodate a busy lifestyle, especially for the busy corporate executives who has to be everywhere at the same time apart from attending formal events.  This has led to tailor made attires that has been designed for different levels of formal events such as, Strictly formal, Semi formal, Ultra formal, informal etc.

Tailor made clothing for men

Men’s clothing comes in different style, design, and shapes off the shelf from ready-made clothing shops, but they are mass produced according to standard sizes like Small, Medium, Large, Extra large, XXL, and XXXL. These are sizes which can come close to man’s actual size and body structure. A tailor made clothing, on the contrary, is crafted to exact measurements that fit perfectly and comfortably which becomes very useful when the attire is made for special formal occasion. Tailor made clothing for men in Dubai follow certain laid down specifications, to go with the formal occasion, such as:  

Type of cloth – Pure cotton, cotton blended with polyester, wool  
Color choice – Black, White, Pastel shades
One button or Two button suit
Perfect measurements – some suits require dozens of measurements to design a perfect Fit
Seams – Should contour the body perfectly     
Sleeves – Not too long or too short, it must rest perfectly on the wrist
Collar – Collar shape should go well with the formal attire chosen for the occasion
Two piece / Three piece suit
Single breasted / Double breasted

Irrespective of whether the event is formal or informal, the most important thing is the type of attire that is being worn and knowing whether it is appropriate for that event or is it clashing with the dress code specified for that occasion. A formal wear is worn at a formal event is mainly due to respect given to others during that event and not dress something out of place. It will look odd if Evening dress is worn at a Black Tie event or a Morning dress worn at a White Tie event. 

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