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Posted by Excel Academy on July 18th, 2017

Do you people know who is a Realtor? I know many of you may know but some are still unaware of this term. Let me make you an awareness of it. A realtor is a person who belongs to National Association of Realtors and is a typical licensed real estate dealer or salesperson. The National association is considered as the largest Trade group in the entire country. As I mentioned above the Realtors are the licensed real estate person. They have a license which specifically mentions that they are authorized by the authority. However, you should always keep in mind this fact that all real estate agents are not the realtors but all realtors are surely real estate agents. Actually, the point is when a real estate agent receives the License he ultimately becomes Realtor. Therefore, every agent is not a realtor but most of them are.

The real estate profession has a wide range of opportunities for the career for everyone. Real estate is basically a property that consists of land and buildings on it, also natural resources of that particular land which may include those uncultivated florae and fauna the crops' water and minerals all are included under real estate. Real estate is basically classified into three categories- Commercial, residential, and industrial. All these three types are based on the uses.

When you become a real estate professional or a Realtor by completing your Realtor course, you can buy and sell the properties to anyone who wants. The property may include farmland, homes, industrial or commercial property as well. For making a career in the real estate the Provincial regulators basically begin the basic licensing and educational requirements for the students who want a serious career in the real estate. For becoming a Realtor you must be having a minimum educational level and after that, the basic training related to the course used to start. You have to basically undergo those practical training which is sometimes referred to as articling.

There are many colleges and Institutions which offer a huge variety of real estate and the courses related to it. Once you are done with the basic education and the usual training thereon, you are licensed through a province. After you receive the license, you are qualified as a professional real estate Realtor and become a member of the local board and CREA.

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