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Watch of wrist of knowledge literacy Teach you how to identify 6 kinds of the most common form of the tourbillon
Tourbillon swirling the French solution, “the Tourbillon” is the combination of transliteration and free translation. It comes from the French mathematician Descartes used to describe the noun planets revolve around the sun, and a well-known philosopher, encyclopedia compiled D \ ‘Alembert further interpreted it as a weight around the axis of a single operation. And the inventor of the tourbillon breguet master interpret it like this: my this invention can offset the balance wheel at different positions of the earth’s Cartier love necklace replica gravity error… . Informally, the tourbillon can effectively compensate the balance wheel of gravity, the eccentricity of the balance spring movement, balance spring from the azimuth Angle of position error. The characteristics of this device is a balance wheel balance spring and escapement system running at the same time, will also be able to make a 360 degree rotation together, minimize the position error caused by earth’s gravity, thus improve the timing precision. Vogue fashion mesh belt do you know the most common 6 kinds of the tourbillon.
Breguet CLASSIQUE TOURBILLON EXTRA – platt AUTOMATIQUE 5377 TOURBILLON watch of wrist of ultra-thin automatic chain
Treasure ji tuo flywheel
June 26, 1801, Abraham. Louis breguet masters from the Patent Office in Paris for a 10-year capture longitudinal patent agency of new meter, it is what we are now familiar “tourbillon”. It refers to the escapement machinery in the table will rotate speed control system, but according to experts, actually treasure ji master as early as in 1795 has been conceived of the invention, after years of actual production and research, and in a few months time to prepare a complete application with the device of water color map, the Fake Cartier jewelry tourbillon was rolled out. After centuries of change, now we can see the tourbillon breguet type has already developed into modern edition. We in the most authentic tourbillon founding brand launched by breguet’s treasure ji tuo flywheel type, for example, know the structure of this kind of the tourbillon has three features: the first characteristic: K type escapement fork (commonly known as K horse), escapement wheel and balance wheel balance spring this corner speed regulation system composed of three parts; The second characteristic, is three layers of plywood framework. The upper splint set the shock absorbers, as a pendulum shaft bearing, balance spring outside of the pile are fixed on the plywood. Middle splint Mosaic escapement fork and escape wheel bearing a gem, balance wheel balance spring located in the middle plate and the space between the upper plate. The lower splint generally divided into three parts, respectively with the escapement fork, escapement wheel bearing gemstones, shock absorbers as a pendulum shaft bearing; Third feature: adjust the (with the tourbillon framework of the precision Cartier nail bracelet replica when the bearing is set on the upper plate, the tourbillon framework supporting and used to transport power of seconds for the tourbillon gear shaft is fixed on the lower splint.
Chanel Premiere flight the tourbillon wristwatch
Floating the tourbillon (also called the tourbillon flight)
Flying the Tourbillon (Flying Tourbillon) is by the German watchmaking birthplace, he’s (Glahsutte) watchmaker Alfred Helwig invented in 1922, its structure is characterized by the breguet the framework of the flywheel ring fixed bracket cancelled, at the same time the Tourbillon framework supporting are placed at the bottom. The set mode usually has two kinds: one kind is a continuation of the gem bearing way, the other is a innovation of ball bearing type. This approach is to fix the tourbillon framework on the ball bearing, let the tourbillon in any one direction to maintain a Cartier ring replica relatively stable working state. Flying the tourbillon relative to the advantage of breguet type, look the tourbillon is rotating frame without the shade, can completely, at the time of operation has floating effect, improve the novelty of the tourbillon and dynamic performance. This small change has a high requirement on the technology, but does bring unexpected light aesthetic feeling. At present in each brand new tourbillon watches, flying the tourbillon in application is more extensive than breguet type, investigate its reason, mainly people today to the tourbillon yearning, have increased from the beginning of timing accuracy becomes a beautiful feeling.
Louis vuitton Tambour Monogram service the tourbillon wristwatch
Eccentric type the tourbillon
Eccentric type the tourbillon is relative to the case of coaxial tuo flywheel. Balance wheel in both the tourbillon is the main difference between the location of the balance spring center is still off center, but its rotation axis and rotation axis of the tourbillon framework? If so, it is coaxial; If not, it should be classified as eccentric. Representatives of the coaxial brand have case he and Cartier, and eccentric type representative of the brand has a treasure and count. Due to eccentric layout make swing space is limited, so the accuracy than coaxial slightly inferior, but because of its wonderful replica Cartier love bracelet trajectory, also got a lot of wrist of fans love.
Vintage 1945 GP girard-perregaux table three golden bridge the tourbillon
The tourbillon three golden bridge type
This is one of the most easy to identify the tourbillon. The tourbillon of three parallel on bridge support plate, make the whole piece of wrist watch has a stronger sense of ceremony and gorgeous feeling. Mechanical movement usually consists of multiple splint and slab bridge, the watchmaker, Constant Girard, banqiao has become a part of the decoration, let the banqiao corresponding to three box spring and center wheel and the tourbillon parallel slab bridge. After 1850, the Swiss have appeared after treasure ji master, two of the most famous tourbillon watch watchmaker – Auguste Grether and Ernest Guinand. Their work is highly characteristic, on the premise of guarantee the tourbillon itself features, not only makes the tourbillon framework form more beautiful, and attaches great importance to the appearance of the polish burnish. Ernest Guinand master one of the most famous works is a series of providing girard-perregaux tourbillon structure of three golden bridge machine, this Cartier love ring replica series of works in the history of the tourbillon a major change, it not only combines the logical bridge plate, and the mechanical structure, and there was a feast for the eyes of artistic quality. Girard-perregaux three golden bridge the tourbillon characteristics into two parts, the first part is a decorative, Ernest Guinand tourbillon master in order to make the magic institutions have unparalleled artistic aesthetic feeling, especially the movement of bridge bearing splint made into golden arrow, the modelling of them has a special meaning, in the heart of the first patent girard-perregaux three jinqiao modelling and configuration complete express; The second part is the functional, three golden bridge is actually three piece of bearing plate, and is in the middle position with considerable ruby bearing. The three pieces of bridge plate as the source of power movement the original move, and time display directly linked at the center of the wheel and the critical rotation tackled longitudinal speed regulating agencies – the tourbillon, these three movement is the most important component of the bearing. Three golden bridge the biggest feature of the tourbillon through conscious movement – three point one line layout, thus has particular movement of cohesion between each component, through Cartier nail bracelet replica three very creative splint demo so let a person.
Earl Limelight Jazz Party the tourbillon wristwatch
Planetary tourbillon
Planetary tourbillon with planets, according to the trajectory in the universe in according to the orbit rotates at the same time, the whole the tourbillon with stents along the axis of revolution movement. According to the rotation of the planet mechanism stents were divided into three categories: the first is clockwise planetary tourbillon – the speed of rotation the stent for rotation every 12 hours or 24 hours a week. The second category is the minute hand planetary tourbillon – the speed of rotation the stent for rotation every 60 minutes a week; The third kind is the second planet type the tourbillon – the speed of rotation the stent for rotation every 60 seconds for a week.
Product family Duometre Spherotourbillon Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica Blue deep Blue wings 3 d biaxial tourbillon wristwatch
Twin-shaft tourbillon
Twin-shaft tuo flywheel is two shaft rotate at the same time, the position of the two axes can be tilted or vertical, such a device can to a certain extent, reduced errors, than uniaxial tourbillon more accurate as well. Under biaxial perfect cooperate, it will not only turn on a plane, but could be described as a “universal”.

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