What?s In A Name? Choosing Your Perfect Domain Name

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

With all the business listings that are now online it can be easy for you to get lost amongst the rest of the competition. This is why choosing your domain name is so very important. You want a name that is closely related to what you offer and one that will be easily remembered when a consumer is thinking about your product. It would be no good to take a domain name such as rubber dot com if you are selling glassware!

How to Decide on a domain Name

It is important to think carefully about the name which you will use to sum up your business online. Sometimes this may not be as easy as it sounds and often you will choose the one which you think suits it best, only to discover that this name is already in use. That is why it is a good idea to have a few examples handy if this situation should arise. Most sites will have a search option available where you will be able to quickly scan the thousands and thousands of other website names in order to see if it is already in use.

The greatest advantage of choosing and being able to register your chosen domain name is that it will automatically be associated with you or your business. This is also important to take into consideration when choosing your domain name. Would it be more beneficial to you to use your company name as your domain name or would it be more practical to use your product or service as your domain name? This is important as it will be what people remember when they are looking for you. You need to look at whether your company name is well enough established yet to make you easily identifiable or if it is more beneficial to use your product or service to attract potential customers.

It is also crucial not to attract your potential customers to your competitions websites by choosing a name that will be associated with them instead of with you. It can be possible to buy names from already existing companies who may be willing to change to another name that would also suit their business. You can approach these people by using the information stored on their website, although you can expect to pay more for this than if you were to register your own.

If your product or service is related to a particular brand name or type of service you may decide to use this in your domain name. People would be more likely to be looking for a general brand name as opposed to singling you out directly, especially if you are still establishing your business. It would also be important to choose the most effective words as opposed to using long sentences that can look confusing and be difficult to remember. Simplicity is the key when deciding upon which domain name to use.

If your original name that you decided upon is already taken try using a hyphenated form of the domain name. This will ensure that when searches are looking for matches the words of your domain name are clear instead of a jumble of possibilities that comes from joining lots of words together. However, there is a word of warning when it comes to using hyphens. People may not use then when they do their web search which may cause them to return a match on one of your competitors sites. It is also a little more difficult to remember to add the hyphens when trying to recall the name. If you are dead set on using your brand name or company name though, this would be the avenue to take if you are sure that it will optimize your sales as opposed to aiding your competitors.

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